Top Six Natural Remedies for Hair Loss


There are many natural solutions to hair loss. Although there is no easy cure-all for this condition, there are ways that you can go about treating it. Below you will find some natural solutions to hair loss.

Hair Loss

Aloe Vera –

This has been used by Indians, Native Americans, and also in the Caribbean to help with promoting health hair growth and stopping hair loss. The Aloe helps by balancing the pH of the scalp and also helps to heal it. You would use this by first combining coconut milk and some wheat germ oil together with Aloe Vera and then applying it, as you would shampoo.

Henna –

This traditional Indian herb will act as a natural conditioner and is helpful in promoting healthy hair. It helps the hair stay healthy by repairing the cuticle of the hair shaft and also sealing it; this will then help to protect against the loss of shine and breaking.

Polysorbate 80 –

This is an FDA Approved food additive and surfactant. This is not proven, but it is said to help with removing cholesterol and DHT from the scalp. How you would do this is to apply it 15 minutes before you are going to shampoo your hair.

Detoxification –

A detox can help improve the overall health of the body. How it can help with hair loss or growing hair is that some toxins can accumulate in the body and when you do a cleanse or detox it helps to remove these.

Psyllium Husk –

We all know that fiber is vital to proper colon health and is crucial to making the digestive system work how it is supposed to. This is considered to be a bulking laxative agent that will help to safely remove the waste that has built up in the colon.

Exercise –

This does not relate directly to hair loss, but it does help with overall health. The exercise helps to improve blood flow and also helps with digestion. The improved health from the exercise helps to maintain the health of the hair follicles.

All of these are only a few of the many natural solutions for hair loss that you will find. Some are very easy to do, and others can be messy and harder to use on a regular basis. If you decide to use any of these methods, you should do them alongside a longer-term treatment such as a supplement for a diet change.

Accelerated hair loss in men and women is extremely worrying to the sufferer considering that almost everyone takes pride in a healthy head of hair. Investigating real solutions in treatments for hair loss can be done using the convenience of internet technology. It is wise looking for a product that is all natural and better still looking for a money back guarantee.

Men, women, and even children can start losing their hair excessively, and the causes should be firstly investigated by a trip to your doctor. Once you know the reasons, you can use a product by recommendation, or find one by having a look at what it is available on the market. Some products to curb losing hair may work for you, while others will not, but whatever you choose should contain all natural ingredients for your safety.

Treatments for hair loss come in many different formulas ranging from special shampoos to capsules that are taken internally according to instructions. Most people will be extremely frustrated to discover the product they purchase does not work for them. Unfortunately, where some treatments work for some, they will not work equally well for others, so trial and error is sometimes the best route to follow.

Although you may have heard it before, a healthy head of hair is also possible through following a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables with plenty of fresh water every day. When you understand what the causes of hair falling out more than normal, then the right products can be invested in to treat the problem effectively.

Many hair care products that are used for bleaching or dyeing hair will damage the hair follicles thus causing hair to fall out. Hair dryers and styling accessories contribute to your hair falling out faster than normal so they should be used with care. When you reach your golden years, hair falling out in patches is more commonly known as male and female pattern baldness. Some products can, fortunately, slow this natural process down, but your hair will continue thinning as you age.

Before you discover the ultimate product that boosts your hair growth and stops you from losing hair, you may have to try out a few different products first. There are specific formulas designed for men and women, though some general products can be found to nourish your hair and treat the problem to stop losing hair unnaturally.

Ongoing research into excessive losing of hair in people has resulted in some excellent products on the market that can slow down losing hair more than normal while promoting hair growth. If you are looking for the best product for hair care, then read the information about the formula carefully, and make sure to check that the ingredients are as natural as possible for the best results.

Irrespective of what hair loss treatments you want to buy understand that they will take some time to work. What is important is following the directions for using them carefully, and doing everything possible in common sense hair care. Use only the highest quality hair shampoos and conditioners. A good tip is that women should give their hair a rest from blow drying, and styling as often as possible.

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