How to Choose Among the Top Rated Cosmetic Dentists in Your Area


Top rated cosmetic dentists can help you put your best smile forward. Whether you are looking to have whiter teeth or dental appliances to fix your oral health problem, finding the right cosmetic dentist is essential.

How do you do that? Here are some guidelines which you can use in searching for the best cosmetic dentist in your location.

Cosmetic Dentistry


One of the first things to look for in a cosmetic dentist is his or her training. On top of the training he or she has received from dental school, your chosen cosmetic dentist should show proof of taking postgraduate courses on cosmetic dental procedures.

Payment options

Some cosmetic dental treatments are not covered by insurance. As such, you may want to inquire whether the cosmetic dentists on your shortlist accept credit card payments or offer flexible payment terms.


You typically have a busy schedule. As much as possible, you would like to go to a dentist who can accommodate you. Check the dentist’s operating hours.


Ideally, you should choose a dentist with an office in close proximity to where you work or live. This minimizes the possibility of missing scheduled appointments.

Treatment timeline

During your initial consultation, the dentist will provide you with a treatment plan based on your goals and unique circumstances. At this point, he or she should also give you a fair idea of when your smile makeover will be completed.


Remember, you will be spending an inordinate amount of time with your dentist and the dental staff. Simply put, you should feel at ease every time you step foot inside the dental office and sit on the dental chair.


Most of the top dentists in the field of cosmetic dentistry, like the professionals from Medical Village in Dubai, show potential patients a gallery of their works, either online or offline. This will give you a glimpse of the dentist’s success rates as well as help you set reasonable expectations regarding the treatment plan crafted by the dentist.


Is the dentist abreast with the latest technologies or is he or she still using outdated techniques and procedures?

Reviews and testimonials

What do former and current patients have to say about the dentist? Check online reviews and ask for references. You can use the insights and personal experience of other patients to gauge the ability and professionalism of each dentist on your shortlist, which you can use during your decision-making process.

Finding the best cosmetic dentist is no easy process. You have to invest ample time and effort. However, your investment can pay good dividends in the form of an upgraded smile.

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