Top 8 Medicinal Flowers That Will Make You Healthier


There are top secrets of healthy benefits available in flowers to protect from various diseases. Most of the flowers have medicinal benefits to cure the heart disease, arthritis, lungs problems, and swellings problems. Here we are going to convey you the most important spice of flowers that give a kick to bad health.

In this materialistic age medicines are not enough to survive the body. People turn towards the herbs and ayurveda treatment to avoid side effects. Allopathic medicines cause gastric problems and harmful chemical inside can ruin the body. While natural herbs acts just like that without occurring any side effects. Here are the medicinal flowers which are used to get the healthier life without any side effect.

1. Angelica Herb

Angelica Herb

Add more power to life with Angelica root. Angelic herb is used for treating gastric stimulation, abdominal disorder, tropically rheumatic and skin disorders. It has antibacterial and antifungal action acts to get better and healthy skin. Angelica leafs and seeds are not advised to use, it has poisonous effect. While angelica roots are most commonly used to prevent the blood clot in the heart.  But still research is going on for the better usage of this herb.

2 Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly weed acts as an antibacterial property in treating lungs Respiratory tract infections or lungs disease. It is used to remove the toxins from the body and get a good pain relief when consumed in a large amount. It has a good healing power to remove the swelling and itching when applied on the skin directly. Pregnant woman must concern the doctor before taking this flower as a medicine. In some cases this kind of herb can be harmful for the pregnant woman.

3. Carnation


Carnation just not looks good but also smells good. Remove the seeds and let the carnation petals go into the tea to make the healthy scented tea. Carnation has a special kick of spice add more taste to tea or any kind of herbal drink. It has a great anti ageing and anti depressant property to remove the tiredness, stress and give peace of mind. It is also used for making scented oil and directly applicable to remove the skin swelling and itching problems.

4. Jasmine


Jasmine just not acknowledged for its brilliant beauty, but has loads of medicinal benefits to cure the diseases. Jasmine is used to make the scented oil to remove the stress and fatigue. It has an exotic flavor used to make flavored herbal tea. While applying the jasmine oil on the skin gives healthier skin and even used for evoking the sexual desire too. Jasmine flower herbal shampoo is also used for getting and healthy growth of hair.

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