Top 8 Facial Surgeries for Cosmetic Enhancement and Correction


Facial surgeries can make a person feel self-confident and human again. Getting the correct procedure performed can also take years off your perceived age and correct genetic facial abnormalities. Are you thinking about changing something on your face? That drooping eyelid, those non-existent cheekbones?

Today we outline the top eight facial surgeries that are undertaken by patients for both cosmetic enhancement and correction.

  1. Face Lift

Face Lift

A facelift is the most complete facial surgery that you can have to correct aging skin across the entire face. The medical term for the procedure is Meloplasty or Rhytidectomy, performed by a qualified face lift surgeon. A facelift can help with removing that drooping skin, wrinkles, and the downward sag that can come with aging. The skin on your face is lifted up and stretched across to provide a more youthful appearance, and is popular with patients in their 50s and beyond. If you feel that you have skin drooping across the entirety of your face, then this procedure may be the right one for you.

  1. Neck Lift

Neck Lift

A neck lift – medical name Platysmaplasty – is performed for patients that have excessive skin or looseness in the neck. Whereas a face lift corrects drooping in the face, a neck lift corrects drooping in the neck. Pre op patients are people who complain of having skin akin to a turkey’s wattle in the neck region. Although this procedure is popular with older patients also, this condition can occur earlier on in life too. It’s not uncommon for younger patients – those 30 and older – to request a neck lift.

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