Top 10 Ways to Ward off The Winter Flu


There is no pain quite like getting the flu in winter. You’re already freezing, and a runny nose and headache only make it worse. There is only one type of flu – influenza – yet it has many strains. Often confused with the common cold, the flu has much worse symptoms and can leave you in bed for weeks, or even hospitalized. We’ve put together our top 10 ways that you can ward of the wretched flu this winter.

Winter Flu

  1. Eat well

Perhaps the most obvious item on this list, it cannot be stressed enough the benefits of eating well. Give your body the fuel it needs to fight off infection by making sure you are eating a balanced diet of protein, fruits, vegetables, legumes and dairy. Try to eat fresh, organic food where you can, and avoid processed foods and refined sugar.

  1. Stay active

Another great way to build up your body’s immunity is by keeping active. Make sure you sweat each and every day to increase your fitness, endurance, mental health, cognitive ability and also to help improve your sleep. Exercising regularly is a great way to build up your body’s natural defense against infection.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is where your body can recover, rejuvenate and repair. If you’re not getting enough regular sleep, your body will become worn down, fatigued and your immunity will be compromised. Ensure you have a comfortable bed, mattress and pillow situation, such as a luxurious foam mattress, to maximize your sleeping comfort. If you do come across the flu virus in your home, workplace or in public, give your body the best chance at fighting it but getting adequate sleep each and every night.

  1. Flu shot

Many people argue against the flu shot, however it has been scientifically proven and is championed by doctors everywhere. The flu shot is modified each year to adapt to the ever-changing influenza virus. Protecting you against up to four strains of influenza, the flu shot is a cheap, quick and easy injection that is available at all doctors surgeries and hospitals.

  1. Ginger

Our beloved root, ginger, is one of the most effective remedies used for curing the flu (both stomach flu and respiratory flu) naturally, without any side effects. Giving long lasting results, why not try a hot lemon drink with ginger and honey, or grate some fresh ginger into your meals, such as a stir fry.

  1. Lemon

High in vitamin c, add lemon juice to your tea or make hot or cold lemonade with honey to build up a resistance to the flu. As well as this, lemon is a great remedy once you already have the flu, and has been proven to help decrease symptoms and even cure the illness.

  1. Hydration

Most of all, it’s key to stay hydrated before catching the flu, during and after. We lose fluids every day through regular activity, so it is vital that we regularly replenish our stocks to give our body a fighting chance this winter. Do this by ensuring you’re drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Don’t let the flu get you down this winter. Incorporate lemon, ginger and regularly hydration into your daily diet. As well as this, make sure you’re getting enough exercise and sleep, and that you’re eating a nutritious and balanced diet for every meal. That way, your body will have the best chance it can at fending off those nasty, damaging flu bacteria.

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