Top 10 Super Foods to Eat for a Healthy 2017


The type of diet you take plays a critical role in determining your overall health. Consequently, you should take care of your health by checking what you eat. However, people are not yet aware of the specific foods that could greatly enhance their health.

In the process of personal development at work or at home, the fundamental step is to have a great relationship with yourself. This begins by taking an inventory of how you treat your body. When you treat your body with respect and care, it will serve you better, thereby being able to accomplish all your resolutions in the New Year. Therefore, it should be a personal resolution in the year 2017 to take responsibility for what you eat.



Have you heard about some foods that have memory to boost abilities? Well, the blueberries have been credited by many nutritionists that it improves the nervous system and memory. The berries also have compounds that can fight cancer. It also contains fiber and vitamin C and K.



Most people know the advantages of taking vegetables. They are very useful, especially when one is seeking to lose weight. However, Kales have their additional nutritional benefits. They are effective in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. They also help to lower a person’s risk of getting a variety of cancers. Additionally, it has different flavonoids, which assist in boosting the immune system.

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