Infographic: Top 10 Benefits of Running


Wondering how running could help you? Turns out it is not just physical benefits that running offers – you have a number of mental benefits as well – including improved concentration? We will take a look at some of the benefits associated with running – and why you should adopt a healthier lifestyle.

What is the Runners High?

The Runner’s High is actually the endorphins kicking in when a certain level of activity is reached. But in case you are like me, and “high” promises can get you out of bed, here are 10 logical benefits waiting to happen.

Improved Mental Activity

Running per se is a robust activity and engages legs and arms in a rhythmic manner, thereby engaging the mind as well dispelling mild depression and anxiety.

Control and Manage High Blood Pressure

The initial spike in the blood pressure while running is actually useful in returning the pressure levels towards normal.

Diminish Effects of Diabetes

Running engages the cardio vascular system so effectively that it makes the body more sensitive to insulin. Just make sure you carry sugar tablets with you when you run.

Enhanced Strength of Bones and Joints

Running makes weight bearing bones like the pelvis and spine tough and robust.

Personality Improvements

With reduced anxiety, full sleep and the runner’s high, what’s stopping you from being the most confident person on the earth?

Improve Physical Strength

Running tones and strengthens muscles of the lower body, making it adept at enduring long spells of standing, walking etc.

Effectively Manage Bone Density

Running is a weight bearing exercise which enhances mineral absorption to the bones which allow you to improve your existing level of bone density

Obvious Weight Loss

Running is a combination of cardio and endurance training. Loss of extra pounds is the most obvious outcome.

Help Dealing with Asthma

While running can trigger asthma, but precautions like frequent stops of rest, running in humid conditions, etc. can really help out.

Boost Immunity

A healthy amount of exercise allows your immune system to work better. However, overdoing it may result in increased cortisol levels, which is counterproductive.

Consistency is the key to get the maximum out of running. Have more control in your life – it’s time to start running today!

Benefits of Running

Image source: Consumerhealthdigest

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1 Comment
  1. Ambrosia says

    The mental health benefits of running are enormous, especially for an addict in recovery like myself. Recovery is a complete lifestyle change, and exercise and eating right have proven to be a huge part of my sobriety. I always feel better after I am done working out, even if it is just for a few minutes. It also allows me to practice using some of the tools I use to stay sober in a different way. When I run, I am completely in the moment, and it puts me into a meditative state. It also boosts my self-esteem and allows me to use my addictive personality for something positive. Thanks for posting!

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