Being Tired Is No Fun – Here’s How to Boost Your Energy Levels Throughout the Day


The day might seem like it flies away when you have a busy schedule but if you’re feeling extra sleepy or tired, you might not find all those long hours to pass as easily. There are many reasons for which you might feel extremely sluggish and unresponsive throughout the day. Here are just some of the most important ones:

  • Sleep depravation
  • Exhaustion
  • Bad eating habits
  • Irregular work schedules
  • Stressful events happening throughout the week

That shouldn’t stop you from being productive and enjoying your day however. Let us present you some of the best tips for keeping your energy levels up. These will help you feel energized all throughout the day and keep productivity up no matter what you’re doing.

YouTube is your friend – The power or funny videos

Alright, this seems like a good start for a tip list, huh? Who doesn’t like letting time fly by while watching YouTube videos of funny cats and other stuff? That’s not necessarily the most appreciated work technique, but now you have a good reason to do it. How does it work?

  • By amusing yourself and laughing, your blood pressure will see new heights
  • Your heart rate will also get a big boost.
  • This will help wake you up and go about your business effectively.

If you like tea, great, if not, learn to love it

Green tea is one of the most wonderful drinks in the whole world due to the huge array of different properties that it has. Of course, there are tons of different types of tea, so it’s important to know which does what. However once you get your hands on a tea that specifically combats lazy days and sluggish disposition, you will be surprised at how efficient it can be. How it works:

  • Stay hydrated and get your antioxidant levels up
  • Combat the feeling of exhaustion through specific tea properties
  • Giving your body a detox

Give it a good stretch

Stretching is underestimated. Not all stretches will give the same results but there are some that will yield amazing effects that will revitalize your entire body and mind. Try extending your arms upward and a bit to the sides, then pushing your chest forward until your torso stretches out. Keep that position for half a minute and you should be golden. You can use a door frame to coordinate your movements. Place your hands so that they reach the edges of the frame. How it works:

  • Get you feeling revitalized
  • Improve long term mobility and flexibility
  • Improve mental health and gain a positive attitude

Go for a quick walk

Going for a walk can have tremendous effects and give you a great energy boost. You don’t even need to jog or power walk although no one is stopping you if you want to do those instead. However, it might be better for the office collective if you would stick to simple walking if you’re on the clock. So if you just feel like you’re going to melt in your office chair, take a 10 minute break and go for a quick walk. You will come back feeling better than ever. Hot it works:

  • Stay in shape and maintain your overall health
  • Improve cardiovascular performance
  • Clear your mind of negative thoughts
  • Gain a new perspective through observing your surroundings
  • Shake off yawns and tiredness in a matter of minutes

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