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Tips to Make Vaping More Safe in 2017

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According to a study, long-term vaping is much safer than smoking. However, this doesn’t mean that you blindly follow the statement and vape all day long. In recent times, there have been a number of reports about e-cigarettes exploding. In order to keep yourself safe from such dangers, there are certain safety measures that you need to follow.


In this post, I am going to showcase some of the tips that will make the entire experience of vaping a safe one. These tips are mentioned as below.

Buy from A Trusted Brand

According to a survey, most of the cases where e-cigarettes mods have exploded are manufactured by some unpopular brands. These are mainly produced in countries like China where the manufacturing conditions are pretty substandard. Also, the final product that is delivered is not even thoroughly checked or verified before exporting it to different countries. Therefore, the best way to go about this would be to look out for a trusted brand. Even though you would end up paying the extra bucks but keeping the safety aspect in mind it is worth it. The best quality e-cigarettes are mostly manufactured in the USA. Buying it from any of the reputable brands will ensure you quality and avoid any kind of malfunction.

Go Through the Instructions

It is always recommended to go through the instructions before operating any kind of device and an e-cigarette is no different. A number of people skip this part as they are excited to put their hands on the device. However, just going through the instructions would only take a minute or so and it would safeguard a person from any kind of potential hazard conditions. Following the usage instructions will also enable you to use the e-cigarette in the best possible way and increase its longevity.

Examine the Flavor of E-Juice

A major part of the health hazard is mainly caused due to the harmful chemicals that some of the flavors are made of. The chemicals like acetyle propionyl and diacetyle possess the majority of the risks on the health of a vaper. So, it is recommended that you have a close look at the ingredients of the vape flavor that you choose. Buying from a trusted seller will ensure you about the quality of the flavor. In some cases, vapers even choose an unflavored juice as it negates possibility of addition of any kind harmful ingredients. Yes, the whole experience of vaping depends upon the flavor you choose, however, talking from the perspective of health benefits most people even prefer this.

Do Not Inhale While Vaping

As discussed in the above point, flavored e-juices are a major cause of health problems that are associated with vaping. Along with some lungs related issues, a person can even suffer from chronic diseases like cancer, stroke etc. In addition to this, if a person avoids inhaling vapor, any kind of risks that are associated with inhaling the flavorings will be significantly reduced. Moreover, a vapor would be able to vape more in a day as the risks have already been reduced by not inhaling the vapor.

Don’t Stay Close to Water While Vaping

An e-cigarette is not similar to a traditional cigarette. It is a kind of an electronic device that can get damaged very easily by exposure to water. Along with the device malfunctioning, it could even lead to sparks that can result in a fire. So, for the better life of your e-cigarette and staying away from any kind of danger it is advised that the device is free from wet or watery situations. Any form of condensation over the atomizer or the battery should be cleaned before charging. This will increase the life of the atomizer as well as the battery.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

As vaping will take away the moisture from a vaper’s body, it is advised to stay hydrated especially during the summers. Drinking plenty of water during the hot summer months will avoid vaping make you feel dehydrated. As we all are aware that dehydration can lead to a number of health problems, it is your responsibility that vaping doesn’t affect you. The best way to deal with the situation is to carry a small water bottle with you as there may be certain places where you won’t have access to drinking water.

In the End

I hope that the above tips will enable you to keep yourself safe while vaping and avoid any form of hazardous situations. Following or keeping these in mind will make the entire experience of vaping a memorable and safe one for you.

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  1. Jeremy P says

    Do not inhale while vaping? Is this a joke? You stated that, ” flavored e-juices are a major cause of health problems that are associated with vaping. Along with some lungs related issues, a person can even suffer from chronic diseases like cancer, stroke etc.”

    Could you provide a source for this completely INNACURATE information? Vaping has NOT been associated with any chronic diseases or cancer! And this is coming from someone who is writing for a vape supplier? Sad!!!

    Do a little research before you write about topic you don’t understand…

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