Tips to Stay Active and Fit at the Office


Today, it is no doubt that a lot are employed in an office setting and the fact that these employees lack the time to stay fit and healthy is really in the concerns of many,  still a lot of employees and others are neglecting this due to time constraint and workload. Going to the gym and spending time doing workouts before or after office hours may take a lot of time to others especially to those who are really exerting efforts in terms of career and work however, health is still must be prioritized. There are actually a lot ways to do inside the office while working to stay even more active and fit without the need to enroll to gyms and workout centers:

Active and Fit

Standing Workstation

Sitting for 2 hours and longer in front of your laptops and desktops is more likely to result with you getting different chronic diseases, thus, won’t help you to regulate adequately your blood circulation. Having a standing workstation allows you to work in a standing position which will allow the right regulation and circulation of your blood. In addition, it will more likely to cause you to activate your calories for the purpose of burning them and losing them.

Send Your Documents to the Printer Furthest From Your Desk

One of the simplest activity inside the office to keep you moving actively without hampering and burning so much time for your work load is to print your documents in printers set furthest from your desk for this will allow you to walk and roam from your desk to the printer, thus, help you walk even more to make you even more active.

Swap Your Chair for an Exercise Ball

It is in no doubt that office setting is quite stagnant and will require you to sit in front of a monitor for hours. With these office chairs, you may swap it for a more calorie-burning chair to allow you for a quick exercise; one may always try the exercise balls. While working you could always sit and balance your posture, thus, allowing you to be more active and do extra movements.

Ditch The Lift. Take Those Stairs

More often than not, office setting is always inside a building that uses lifts and elevators. Instead of taking lifts and elevators, why not burn more calories and regulate blood circulation by taking the stairs. Through and by the stairs, you could lose few calories and allow your body to produce heat which will make you even more active.

Fuel Up with H20

Yes, water! Instead of filling your desk with work along with cups of coffee, you could always resort to even more healthy and fat-burning liquid which is water. Water causes your body to burn calories and hydrating your overall system. It helps your body to be active even the actual movements are lessened.

Get an Indoor Cycling Machine

Even though there are always a time constraints and tons of workload inside the office, you could always do extra lifts and activities inside the office with the right portable equipment you could get and put inside. Indoor cycling is one of the most effective exercises you could do during work. Spend at least 10 to 15 minutes cycling while there’s no work in front of you. Or even pause for work and do a quick exercise, it won’t hurt so much of your load, thus, will help you even more be energized in continuing the work you have.

Exercise at Your Desk

Although working in front of a monitor while sitting on your office chair seems difficult to do usual exercise, you could always do some small exercises that will keep you fit and active.

  1. Stretch Your Body – you could always stretch your body to keep your muscled and body parts be awakened. Starting from the neck, to your arms, and back; stretch your thighs and feet as well to further regulate your blood and body system.
  2. Seated Leg Lifts – while typing a document or researching, you could always do leg lifts while seating.
  3. Legs Squats – you may also check some appropriate exercises you could do inside the office. One of the usual that everyone does is the squats, a few or just a number of repetition will keep you always active and fit.
  4. Shoulder Shrugs – even without the use of dumbbells, you could always do the shoulder shrugs by constantly moving the shoulder in circle motion. Through and by this, it will allow you to do extra movements that will likely help you to be more active while doing your work inside the office.

Working in an usual office setting is quite challenging and tiring to be even more mixed with extraneous and even more tiring activities however, these simple tips and activities will keep you more active and fit without the need to enroll to an expensive gym sessions or hire a fitness instructor.

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