Tips for Elderly People to Recover from Hip Fractures


Geriatrics is a separate specialization that has reduced the mortality rate phenomenally. Effective medication, treatment, and prevention measures have helped more and more elderly citizens to combat age-related illnesses. As there are many pediatricians (tending to children), so there are numerous Geriatricians (tending to the elders) also. Out of the various crippling and life-threatening accidents, hip fractures occupy the prime position.

Hip Fractures

Sources Contributing to Hip Fractures in the Elderly

A tiny impact on a person aged 60 and above causes, more damage than in younger persons. It is; therefore, a common feature to hear about elderly people having a fall and then gradually fading away after a prolonged bed-rest. There are many reasons for fractures amongst the old.

  • Weak eyesight that hampers proper movement and increases the rate of accidents
  • Poor physical condition including ailing body parts, shuffling walk, slower memory power and other elements that contribute to more collapse.
  • Strong medications that cause imbalance in thinking and physical aspects
  • Dizziness caused due to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, ulcer, and so on.
  • Hereditary frail or heavy physique with weak bones due to calcium deficiency and other related ailments like Osteoporosis
  • Hazy mind due to mundane occurrences like viral fever, sinus, or other common illness
  • Organs slowing down or infection caused due to alcohol consumption or smoking activity.
  • Failing appetite indirectly resulting in malnutrition and fragile bones

How Geriatric Medicine Helps to Deal with Hip Fractures

There are varying degrees of fractures ranging from hairline and dislocation, to total bone crackdown. Geriatric physicians treat the aging body and associate illness inclusive of diseases. The aim of this specialty is to reduce the negative impact of aging and to increase the positive outlook. Orthogeriatrics medicinal science relates with orthopedic surgery and analysis osteoporosis alongside rehabilitation methods.

  • Surgical remedy and post-surgery care
  • Professional therapy sessions that are integral for recovery, as bone healing after fracture is a prolonged process due to old age.
  • Psychological handling of the patient, stressing on the importance of positive intake on life
  • Comprehensive treatment in accordance with the age group of the individual and nature of fracture

Patience is a crucial factor when dealing with Geriatric patients as the healing takes a long time. Nowadays there are more chances of a patient with hip fracture to walk than with earlier instances. It is of, prime importance to diagnose a fracture immediately to prevent permanent scarring resulting in bed-ridden prognosis.

Preventing Hip Fractures in Old Age

Old age fractures are difficult to heal situations due to decreased bone density and weaker recovery capacity. It is vital to impart knowledge amongst youngsters in an early age on the after-effects of eating unhealthy food, lack of exercise, and improper dieting. Proper and adequate nutrition, exercise, and stress-free living produce a healthy body when old. There are several methods of instructions to follow to avoid fractures when aged.

  • Make your home accident free by proper lighting, slip-free flooring (mainly bathrooms), and sidebar support on stairs.
  • Wear comfortable and less slippery footwear and avoid irregular footpaths, in and around your residence.
  • Reduce alcohol intake and smoking. Avoid self-medication as this might cause unnecessary dizziness and fainting.
  • Follow the doctor’s prescription and avoid outdoor activities immediately after consuming sleeping pills or other strong medicines.

Age gracefully and be Fracture-free

Senior people take on the bone density with brittleness with characteristics of slowing down metabolism. Old age is a blessing to be lived devoid of ailments, diseases, or accidents. Enjoy growing old by following healthy methods of living like enriching food intake and proper exercise regime.

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  1. These are some great tips I need to introduce this to my grandma she’s always getting hurt because she isn’t following a lot of these tips.


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