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Infographic: 12 Tips on Buying the Right E-Cigarette Starter Kit

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E-Cigarette  are growing in popularity. Thousands of people are making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic-cigarettes. A huge benefit of electronic cigs is the fact they cost much less than smoking cigarettes. The reason for the cost savings is that electric cig refills cost much less than cigarettes.

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However, there is an up-front cost to electronic cigarettes. The only up front cost is buying the e-cig mechanism and a charger. With so many electric cigarette brands to choose from, it’s not easy deciding on a brand at first. This is complicated when buying online because you can’t try any electric cig brand.

This helpful infographic is a detailed e-cigarette buying guide (ECBG) to help you buy the right electric cig starter kit for you. Although you’ll still need to do your own research, you’ll be able to narrow down the brand choices very quickly.

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Fortunately there’s a great deal of options available that vary in price and features … this buying guide is designed to help you buy the right brand with the right set of features for you. Do yourself a favor and read this buying guide in the form of an infographic before spending hours and days deciding on an electric cig brand. Take a look at the infographic below.

E-Cigarette Starter Kit

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  1. Megan says

    I really enjoyed the infograph! My online e-cig store is Halo Cigs for ordering. Yes, getting it at the store is quicker but not too many companies offer quality for their e-cigs and eliquids or great deals.

  2. Ben says

    Hey, great info-graphic! It could use some info on the 2 different systems available (clearomizer and cartomizer). Check out my blog if you want some info on them.

  3. vapergirl says

    Hi Kingsley,

    As you point out, the cheapest e-cigarette kit is not the best. Someone interested in trying e-cigarettes should compare vapor level, battery and cartridge life and company reputation beside price. My site has a popular comparison chart that’s really helpful, but I must compliment you on your site’s layout. I’m hearing more and more about the Genesis theme. Nice job.

  4. Marriya49 says

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  5. James says

    I am one among those who trying hard to quit smoking by adopting several ways. Electronic Cigarette is one of them, but before buying it I was needed to know all helpful information about Electronic cigarette now, after reading seeing or reading above info graph, I can say that It will really help me to get rid of smoking habit with valuable.

  6. David says

    I will be one of individuals who hoping tough to quit smoking cigarettes by taking on several ways. Electronic digital Smoke is actually one, however prior to getting it When i seemed to be required to recognize all helpful information about Electronic digital cigarette currently, after examining viewing or perhaps examining over info chart, I’m able to say which it will certainly truly guide me to reduce smoking cigarettes routine having precious.

  7. David says

    Because you indicate, the cheapest e-cigarette set is just not the best. An individual keen on attempting e-cigarettes ought to examine smoke amount, battery and also cartridge existence and also organization status beside price. My personal internet site has a well-known comparison graph that’s truly beneficial, however I must compliment you on your site’s layout. I’m experiencing more and more regarding the Genesis design. Great task.

  8. Nick says

    Hi Kingsley, really love the info graphic. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Thanks, am glad you like it

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