Three Productive Online Activities


Most of us have down time each day that we use unproductively. And this may be no bad thing because it’s almost impossible to maintain focus on tasks 100% of the working day. In fact, allowing yourself to zone out and switch off the constant active thought process on a problem or task will allow you to return to it refreshed.

There are various ways we can use this “time out” to recharge our batteries. It might be by doing fun things to take our mind off the more important stuff or by turning our attention to useful tasks that we don’t necessarily treat as priorities when we’ve got more pressing deadlines to meet.



For pure and simple time out, gaming on your mobile or laptop is hard to beat if you want to become totally absorbed in something other than work for a few minutes. Obviously, there are endless games to choose from, but if you enjoy adding a little spice to proceedings then you can now play a whole host of casino games on your mobile. To make things even more convenient, at sites such as Mr Spin Casino you now even have the option to make a gaming deposit by phone bill, meaning there’s no need to tap in and share payment card details.

At other times, you might prefer mobile games of skill in terms of hand-eye coordination – and video games have been shown to improve such coordination. For instance, you shouldn’t feel guilty about playing the odd game of Cut the Rope, where your main aim is to time your swipe to cut a rope and feed an ever-hungry alien, or Traffic Rush, where you need to swipe and tap to avoid on-screen cars crashing in a virtual world that has no traffic lights. Both of these games improve your accuracy and precision skills while simultaneously keeping you entertained. It’s all about finding the right games for you that allow your mind to be free of all other clutter for a while.

Update Your Blog

Keeping your business blog up to date may be one of those things that slips to the bottom of your to-do list, but unless you post on it regularly, your readers will lose interest. When you want a change of focus, use that time to write a new post.

Update Your Blog

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Once a week is a realistic target for blog updates, and if you write 1,000 words per post, that’s a lot of content over a year. By growing the volume of content you’ll attract new readers and maintain the interest of existing readers. You’ll also increase the chances of people sharing or linking your posts from their blogs. Some people suffer from writer’s blank when it comes to blogging about their business – get some inspiration from reading other small business blogs and try and emulate the posts that most interest you. Steer clear of posting meaningless content – you don’t want to turn people off from reading your blog.

Build Your Skills

Whether you work for yourself or you’re an employee, it’s always great to keep developing your skills. Of course, you might go on an away day or even a residential training course now and then, but there are lots of online tutorials that you can complete at a time that suits you. For example, if you want to improve your language skills so that you can help grow the business overseas, there are lots of free online language courses such as Duolingo and BBC Languages that you can customise to suit your existing knowledge and follow at your own pace.

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