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Infographic: The UK’s Favourite Sex Positions

The UK’s favourite sex positions have been revealed! Northern Ireland has come out on top – ‘Girl on top’, that is…  those living in the region reportedly prefer ‘cowgirl’ according to a new survey. The poll of  over 2,ooo British men & women reveals intriguing differences between our sexual preferences across the UK. While the traditional ‘missionary’ position is most popular overall, respondents are divided as to their individual favorites according to where they live in the UK.
In Scotland participants said they preferred ‘Spooning’ (39%). In the North East of the UK, we chose ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ (31%), while in the North West it was ‘Missionary’ (31%). In London the number one position was ‘Standing Up’ (18%). The UK’s tastes continue to differ, with 51% of people in Wales voting for ‘Doggy style’ as do Yorkshire and the Humber (36%). The South East’s priority is ‘Spooning’ (38%), but in the South West it’s all about ‘Missionary’ style (32%).
Here’s an infographic that has all the results! StonkOn!
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