The Short Guide to Ladies’ Wear


A well-known proverb states, “As many people, as many tastes”. And there are even more fashion tips for looking good, great, and just incredible. And these are all different things, requiring different strategies and sticking to different trends. Let’s try to figure out several general principles this time.



The best decision is to fill your wardrobe with as much clothes as possible, getting something for every possible occasion. Buy something formal, something for party time, and something for walks and for work. In case you realize that some design fits you much better than anything else, you can make it the dominating item. For instance, if you look amazing in a sheath dress or ripped jeans, you feel comfortable and are sure that this is the best way to dress up, just do it.

Sometimes girls try on “nice-but-not-for-me” things. Nevertheless, you’ve noticed it, so it isn’t true. Try to find a room in your wardrobe for one of these, and time will show.


Well, this one sounds like the most obvious one. Ironically, it needs a constant reminder. Some women still exhaust themselves with diets, pretend to be slimmer than they actually are, don’t believe that something doesn’t fit them and become too stubborn in their decisions. Remember a significant thing: all clothes should be of your size, even if you don’t like what is indicated on a label, and be fitted according to other items from your wardrobe.


Never buy a boring coat. It is something we can’t forgive! You should pay much attention for choosing an outfit. During some seasons, it is the only clothes people notice. Stay positive, even if your understanding of positive is painted in black colour.


Accessories jiji

Some can argue that this is not exactly wear, but can your image be complete without necessary details? Don’t be afraid to add some brightness to your look. If you are wearing clothes of neutral colours, match them with bold shoes or purse (which actually shouldn’t have to be of one colour, no one does it anymore).

  • Get some scarves – they are ultimate accessories.
  • Choose a purse or a bag that will let you feel comfortable and confident.

Order and view

Do you know why sometimes it becomes so difficult to choose what to wear? It is another psychological game of human’s brain. Arrange clothes from the darkest to the lightest, putting dark ones on the left. Thus, you will get a full colour range and will be able to think more clearly.

It is important to have enough room for clothes and see what’s inside your wardrobe. If you have really a lot of clothes, get a proper wardrobe.

When you try to choose a look, pay attention to every detail. The best way is to use a mirror with rear view. Every angle matters and affects the general picture.

You may create a personal look book. Spend some time once and save a lot of time in the future. You can try various combinations, take pictures and note everything for making easier decisions.

The most important thing

Though keeping up with trends is great, don’t ever forget about your own personal style. Fashion is nothing if the taste and understanding of yourself are missing.

Womens wear

Where to buy ladies’ wear

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