The Impact Mobile App Technology Is Having on the Health Industry


These days, we are all so used to mobile applications that it seems like they must have been around forever. In reality, they are still a very new type of technology. They just have an endless range of uses and can be adapted to fit pretty much any need. As our reliance on smartphones and digital forms of communication are greater than ever before, it should come as no surprise to find that mobile apps are even revolutionising the medical industry.

The mobile doctor is a technological trend that is fast picking up speed. With the use of an app like Dr. Me, you can get in contact with a fully qualified medical professional at the click of a button. From home, work, or any other location that you choose, you can request prescriptions, get a diagnosis, receive test results, and discuss treatment plans. Doctor Me, and apps like it, are a way to bring the clinic or surgery right into your front room.

This guide to the benefits of mobile medical apps will explain why being able to receive a doctor consultation, over the phone, could change your life.

Mobile App TechnologyNo Lengthy Waiting Times

The most obvious advantage of being able to contact a medical professional from home is not having to head out to a clinic and wait for an appointment. Even in relatively small towns, there are times when doctors are too busy to see patients right away. This can cause unnecessary anxiety and it means that symptoms can get worse before the problem is diagnosed.

With a mobile medical app, however, you will put through to a qualified medical professional in a matter of minutes. The process is quick, easy, and simple. Doctors are able to respond right away because calls are much easier to fit into a busy schedule than face to face appointments. If the problem is a minor one, it will be diagnosed, over the phone, and you’ll be sent an instant prescription.

Quick Referrals for Those Who Need Them

While we really couldn’t live without the help and expertise of our local doctors, they are often pushed to the limits of their abilities by gruelling schedules and non-stop appointments. And, in the end, only a tiny amount of these appointments really do need to be carried out face to face. The majority are associated with minor ailments that can be solved with a digital prescription and some practical health advice.

By making this possible over the phone, medical apps free up resources for both doctors and their patients. Medical professionals can spend more of their time consulting with at-risk individuals and patients can access high-quality healthcare at the touch of a button. With a sophisticated app like Doctor Me, referrals are always an option. If the doctor feels like you need to have a one on one appointment, they won’t hesitate to arrange it on your behalf.

Fast, Reliable Advice on the Go

This level of expediency is particularly important for those with underlying health conditions or special medical needs. For instance, mobile apps are great for pregnant women. There are all kinds of strange and wonderful things that happen to the body during pregnancy and, while the vast majority are harmless, having an instant link to a doctor means that symptoms can be checked out and explained fast.

While mobile doctors can’t entirely replace the need for face to face appointments, particularly if you do have an existing condition, they can help you manage it by making your prescription available in digital form. This is invaluable for anybody who requires regular, fixed medications. It eliminates the need to visit the clinic several times per month and, with the help of reminder functions, missing prescriptions becomes a thing of the past.

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