The 6 most Common Addictions that aren’t Drug Related


Not all addictions are related to drugs; however, these addictions are just as serious if left untreated. The results of any addiction can be life changing, even if the behavior itself is not physically devastating like drugs or alcohol may be. All addicts can experience issues in or even loss of personal relationships, problems at work or job loss, serious financial issues and, in some cases, health problems that could become serious.

Tobacco Addictions

Tobacco Addictions

One of the most common, non-drug related addictions is smoking. Upon taking up smoking, an individual will become addicted to the nicotine provided by cigarettes and cigars. Smoking is an incredibly expensive habit that can also cause serious health issues, including emphysema, cancer and even death.

Addictions to Gambling


Gambling is another harmful addiction that hits in two places: family life and the bank account A gambling addict likely spends money his or her family does not know about, and will go to card games or casinos many times per week. Many families have gone into financial ruin due to gambling addictions, or have been broken beyond repair.

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  1. Honestly I fall into the last category, even though I tried to stop working and enjoy that time, I always revert back to finding some type of new goal and start working on it, so I no longer resist my addiction to work anymore


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