Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee


Sincerely speaking, is there anything that is soothing like a hot cup of coffee on a wintry morning? Certainly not!

The aroma alone is enough to elicit pleasant moments, not to mention the many health benefits that come with every cup consumed. However, it is bizarrely amusing that it was until just a few years ago that coffee began receiving plaudits and positive sentiments.

What are these surprising health benefits?


A few years ago, coffee was surprisingly among the unhealthy diet, and the reason seemingly bemuses. Most nutritionists considered this drink among the harmful products, and thus created a vehement campaign encouraging its disuse. Caffeine and the stains that this drink leaves on our teeth is nothing compared to its health benefits.

1). Contributes to Healthier Liver

For a while, scientists had attributed consumption of coffee with the prevention of liver cancer. Apparently, it is not only true that this beverage helps keep the liver healthier, but also the elimination of common ills that affect this organ. For every cup consumed, rest assured that you are safe from liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, and even blood pressure.

2). Coffee Boosts Energy Levels and Makes you Smarter

Scientific studies show that caffeine, the most consumed psychoactive substance stimulates activity, making your energized and reinvigorated. It does so by blocking Adenosine, an inhibitory hormone, and thus leading to the working of the various parts of the brain. Suddenly, you will feel fired up, ready to work again.

3). Reduces the chances of Contracting Cardiovascular Ailments

There’s a common problem amongst people who don’t drink coffee – a slight increase in their blood pressure. However, those who love coffee seldom experience the same and, in fact, boast of a healthy cardiovascular system. From a study involving more than 76,000 Japanese, people who increased their daily intake by two cups lowered their risks of suffering from cardiovascular problems by 38%.

4). Coffee Boosts Metabolism

Caffeine, a component that was once taunted as harmful, has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. The resulting effect triggers the rate of metabolism to increase and thereby help burn more fats.

5). Coffee Keeps Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s at Bay

These two diseases are quite a commonplace over the recent times. They arise when the brain fails to generate dopamine. However, drinking coffee on a regular basis helps facilitate the production of dopamine, and thus the reduction of the occurrence of these maladies by over 60%.

6). Fewer Chances of Cancer

One of the many surprising health benefits of coffee is how it works to eliminate the occurrence of skin, colorectal and liver cancer. Science has indeed shown that people who consume a minimum of four cups every day have 40% fewer chances of suffering from these ailments.

7). Packed up with Nutrients and Antioxidant

In the midst of the many surprising health benefits of coffee are tons of nutrients and antioxidants, which can do wonders in the body. From such nutrients as magnesium, riboflavin, and potassium to what antioxidants can do in helping the skin fight diseases, coffee’s more than just a beverage.

8). Coffee Aids Physical Performance

While a cup or two every day massively helps reduce fats, caffeine works to increase the release of Epinephrine. The “fight or flight” hormone makes the body ready for moments of intense physical exertion, pretty much like how you feel when working out. Fats are broken down to power up the body, hence sweating. Isn’t that one of the many surprising health benefits of coffee?

9). It Enhances Blood Circulation

The American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2013 showed that this drink aids the functioning of the small blood vessels. You just need a cup in the morning, and your blood circulation is sorted!

10). Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetes 2

In the wake of this disease ravaging a massive percentage of the present-day American population, coffee seems one of the few solutions. Numerous research studies show that this beverage has helped lower risks by between 23% and 67%.


Further statistics show that coffee helps repair muscle tissue while building better endurance and reduces gouts. It is also responsible for the prevention of occurrence of dental cavities and acts as a pain reliever. All these are merely a portion of the innumerable surprising health benefits of coffee.

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