Stress and your Oral Health


Poor lifestyle choices can lead to bad oral health. You may not know it yet, but the stresses you frequently encounter can take a toll on your mouth and teeth. Several conditions can occur as a cause of stress, and it’s practical to be aware of them. Prevention measures are better than taking drastic steps to cure several diseases which worsened over time.

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Top Reasons of Stress on Your Mouth

  • Stress-Eating and Unhealthy Food Choices
    You can miss out on healthy food choices in the middle of crunch time. Grabbing coffee to perk you up or drinking tea to calm yourself down can leave residues on your teeth.Chocolates and other sweet food items can result to accumulation of cavities and eventual tooth decay. These are just at the surface of what can happen to your mouth.
  • Worries in Your Mind at Sleep
    Your mouth is also composed of cells. These cells would regenerate in the middle of your sleep. The lack of capacity for re-growth can leave your mouth susceptible to diseases.
  • Irregular Oral Health Habits
    Out of busyness, you’ll forget to floss after brushing your teeth. Quick lunches are also prone to forgetfulness to care for your teeth. You’ll fail to thoroughly brush your teeth in the middle of the day. Quickly gargling with mouthwash would seem practical in the middle of a stressful day, when it’s actually unhealthy.

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Some Stress-Related Oral Diseases

Numerous mouth conditions can occur due to stress. It’s notable to remember how diseases may be a manifestation unhealthy living. It’s your body‘s way of telling you to re-consider your lifestyle choices.

  • Bruxism and Teeth Grinding
    People would involuntarily gnash their in the middle of sleep. Dentists may identify its effects by how teeth a worn out, and some parts of the gums may be affected depending on the severity of stages.Two of the crucial causes of this condition are due to social anxieties or genetics. They’re generally due to psychological disturbances which end up manifesting in one’s sleep.
  • Mouth Sores
    This occurs when sheet inside the mouth muscles are torn. The sores would usually exist inside the cheeks, the tongue, and all the rest of the mouth’s areas other than the teeth. Mouth sores are usually caused by misalignment of chewing, or during mastication of food. This would then lead to bruises, and in some extreme cases: infection.
  • Gum Diseases
    This state of the mouth can be quite unhealthy, as it comes in many forms. Because of stress, the body can’t properly combat bacteria and infection. This gets translated towards periodontal diseases.They include gingivitis, gum inflammation and bleeding, to name a few. If left untreated, you may end up losing your teeth. You should also see a dentist to make sure of the gum diseases are simply manifestations of stress. Some conditions may be due to HIV-related symptoms, cancer, and other graver sicknesses.

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Gums diseases and the worst conditions on your teeth can take place due to stressful environments. You should consider primarily having a healthy lifestyle. This is before engaging on to challenging ventures of your job, or dealing with the daily circumstances of your life. A healthy lifestyle can radiate a positive outlook and this inevitable leads to a healthy oral condition.

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