Stay Fit While You Sit: Exercises You Can Do While Binge Watching Your Favorite Flicks


It’s wildly popular to stay at home and binge watch Netflix movies and television series.  However, watching a load of episodes requires hours of sitting, which is not altogether healthy.  Yet you don’t have to sit like a couch potato. Alternatively, get lively and engage in a number of physical poses and activities that burn calories as you watch.

Stay Fit While You Sit

Sphinx Pose

This is great since you can do it while resting on the couch with a laptop in front of you.  Rest on your stomach with elbows under shoulders as you press your hands into the couch.  Pull back as you motion your collarbone forward.  This position opens the chest and rests the hip and groin areas.

Spine and Groin Release

You may be getting sleepy but you don’t have to sacrifice good posture.  Plus, this pose is great for the lower back area.  Lie on the couch with your stomach down as you allow one leg to straddle over the side.  This stretches the lower back and releases any tension in the lower portion of the body.

Supported Staff

Sit on the floor by the couch with your posterior and spine against it.  Sit tall and lean into the couch.  Sitting in such a manner helps train the spine.  If your back is strong and spine properly aligned, you shouldn’t need any support in back of you when sitting up.  It’s a lot better than slouching or resting in a position that is not good for the body.

Exercise Bike

Duh!  The exercise bike is one of the oldest, easiest, and most effective ways to exercise indoors.  Purchase a foldable model that can easily be stored in the corner, in the closet, or under the bed.  Set your bike beside a kitchen table or near your television in the living room.  Can you ride through one episode?  What about two or more?  Be sure to sample the bike before purchase; you don’t want one that makes too much noise and will make it hard to hear the episode’s dialogue coming out of your wireless speaker.

Episode Pushups

How many pushups can you do within a 20 minute episode?  What strategy will you employ to align with your initial guesstimate?  You could do a number of pushups every five minutes.  Alternatively, you could do as many as possible at the start and finish.  Mix it up and have fun.  Start incorporating pushups when watching two, three, four, or more shows in a row.

Plank Pause

Periodically pause the episode to do a plank.  A plank works several muscle groups but specifically targets the abdominal region.  Rest on your elbows and forearms while keeping your back straight and getting up on your toes.  See if you can hold the position for a minute at a time.  If not, target a smaller number and work your to a longer time.  See if you can pause and plank twice per episode.  To add inspiration, get a friend or family member involved and keep track of who is getting better at ‘pausing and planking.’

Author Bio:

Amelie Banks is a media studies student. A fairly typical young woman who enjoys yoga, creating digital art as well as movies and TV, she writes about entertainment which get published online at a variety of websites.

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