Starting a Career With a Master’s in Healthcare Administration


It is commonly known and widely accepted that taking up a certain working position comes along with a huge variety of responsibilities. This may easily be concluded as soon as one gets at least a bit familiar with particular vocations dedicated to health care services such as the vocation of a health care manager or a healthcare administrator.

Before you decide to take on a master’s degree, you’ll need to first get a Health Care Administration Bachelor’s Degree. You can get a degree either through a traditional university or a non-traditional way by enrolling yourself through an online university especially if you already have a busy schedule.

If one is specialized in working in any of the fields of health care service mentioned, especially if one has obtained the level of higher education that is a master’s degree, one must be well informed about all the job opportunities that are now open and eligible for them in order to be able to choose the most suitable one.

Therefore, the main aim of this article is to bring up the information associated with the possibilities for the ones that have obtained their master’s degree in healthcare administration in order to assist them in deciding on their future job position and the best way possible to start out with their career as highly educated health care administrators.

Healthcare Administration

What a Future Healthcare Administrator Must Pay Attention to:

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the future career of a person who has a master’s degree in healthcare administration is that the utmost attention must be paid to not mistake this working position with the one mostly similar to it, which is the position of a healthcare manager. There is a risk that even professionals and experts in the field of healthcare service may mistake those two different vocations one for the other. The most common mistake is that the people who run huge medical facilities are often referred to as healthcare administrators, which is by no means correct.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to note that healthcare managers are the ones who are concerned about the operation of a healthcare facility overall and they usually tend to be responsible for accounting. On the other hand, healthcare administrators are responsible for following the work and operations in a certain facility on daily basis and therefore they are obliged to obtain exceptional organizational skills in order to keep the track of what various doctors and the other workers in the facility are engaged in at any moment.

Having drawn the sharp line between two similar and often mistaken vocations of healthcare managers and healthcare administrators, the next important thing is to focus on the high education of healthcare administrators and the most fruitful future job opportunities for them. First of all, when it comes to the master’s degree, a future healthcare administrator may obtain one from various universities in various countries. Once one has obtained their masters’ degree in health care administration, it is the time for them to start looking for the best opportunity to start their career. There are various opportunities that became available and it is important to choose the most suitable one.

The Best Tips for Starting a Career as a Healthcare Administrator:

Among the research on the job outlook and the best tips for future health administrators with a master’s degree, a highly experienced worker in this field has been interviewed. His name is Bryan Ayers and he currently runs Community Health Program Inc., based in Berkshire Country, Massachusetts. Since he has a broad experience in healthcare administrations and he is now taking an enviable position in the field, Mr. Ayers would be the most suitable person to give certain tips to the masters in healthcare administration who are about to start their career. He will also give the clearest insight into what the actual responsibilities and tasks of his working position are.

When asked about how his career started, Mr. Ayers answered that he firstly resorted to volunteering in a clinic in order to hone his organizational skills and to get the complete insight into how such a facility functions. Afterward, he claims he set out to be a healthcare administrator in a small hospital in a rural area. Starting their work in a small hospital may also be a challenge for an inexperienced healthcare administrator and it should by no means be underestimated, claims Mr. Ayers.

Having completed his work in the rural hospital mentioned, he continued to work in similar facilities and he was engaged in managing the work of community hospitals and health centers. When it comes to what his current role as a CEO entails, Mr. Ayers explains that it consists of one-to-one meetings and internal group meetings, as well as conversations with local health services, since he needs to balance priorities of their numerous employees, the local healthcare service, and the patients.

Having described those first steps in his career of a healthcare administrator, Mr. Ayers claims that those myriad experiences lead him to the enviable and high position on which he is now. Therefore, his main advice to all the masters in healthcare administration is to start from less huge facilities such as rural hospitals and to hone their skills through volunteering first in order to reach the requirements of this serious working position.

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