Amazing Health Benefits and Nutrition Fact of Soursop


Soursop is a fruit that has numerable benefits for our health if included in diet. With the inclusion of this fruit in our diet, like a dessert or health supplement, a number of ailments can be cured. Nature is the best physician since it provides medicines without side effects. One such reputed natural “medicine” is know as Soursop, which is scientifically named as Annona Muricata. Known by different names such as graviola, guanabana, Brazilian pawpaw, etc.

Soursop is fully loaded with a number of nutrients and is also used as an alternative medicine to treat many diseases. According to research, soursop and cancer cure are related and this tropical, prickly fruit may prove to be beneficial in controlling the spread of cancer. Not only the fruit, but also the seeds, leaves, dark and roots of the plant, help in the alleviating many a malady.

SoursopWhat is Soursop?

Soursop, which looks like a custard apple, is a very delicious fruit that is heart shaped and dark green in color when raw. Covered with ridges on the outside and soft, juicy flesh inside, the soursop fruit has a sweet sour taste. This fruit can be found mainly in Nigeria. Now this plant is cultivated commercially owing to its culinary as well as medicinal purposes. The white pulp that is found inside the fruit is used for making candy, beverages and also used as a flavoring. The leaves, root, bark and seeds have been incorporated as a traditional remedy for centuries. You can eat the fruit or consume extracts of soursop, available in health food stores, to avail its therapeutic value.

Health Benefits of Soursop

Every part of the soursop tree is used to treat a number of physical ailments. This fruit not only promote good health but also helps fight against parasites present inside the body. Since is loaded with a number of nutrients essential for the overall development of body, soursop is made into extract and is sold in health stores and even online. The nutrients present in soursop are amino acids, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), calcium, carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus, fibers, thiamine and riboflavin, etc. Benefits of soursop can be availed by eating the fruit or including its supplement in the recommended dosage. You can avail of these benefits right from head to toe.

Ascorbic acid increases the amount of antioxidants in the body. These help fight against the free radicals in the body and help keep a number of infections and disorders at bay.
This fruit also helps in relieving the pain and discomfort caused due to constipation. Since the fruit contains soluble and insoluble fibers, it adds bulk to the stool and facilitates easy elimination from the body.

[tweet_dis]One of the soursop leaf’s health benefits can be seen in treating mouth ulcers effectively[/tweet_dis]. Finely mashing the leaf with water and applying it on the boils will help decrease the size of the ulcers in time curing them completely and also reduce irritation. Drinking soursop tea that is made by concocting soursop leaves or root in water is known to reduce lumbago. Lumbago is a kind of backache, especially in the lower back or lumbar region. A cup of tea everyday will also help relieve the inflammation of the back muscles.

A pulp made with fresh soursop leaves and rose water if applied to the skin will prevent the occurrence of acne blackheads and other skin problems. Soursop fruit juice, if consumed twice daily can help resolve kidney ailments, liver problems, urinary tract infection (also referred to as urethritis ) and hematuria (or blood in urine) etc. The fleshy part of the fruit, if applied to any wound will speed up the healing process and also prevent any bacterial infection. A decoction of soursop flowers and young shoots will help cure the inflammation of sinuses and also in the throat and nose. It also helps in the secretion of mucus to reduce irritation.

You can successfully get rid of head lice and bed bugs with the use of soursop leaf decoction. It will not only there’s pests but can also keep them away. Soursop is also used as a remedy for cough, diarrhea, fever and indigestion. Including supplements of soursop will bring down the intensity of these conditions and also enhance recovery.

To conclude, though a number of health benefits of soursop can be reaped by including this fruit in the diet, it is necessary to remember that is should be consumed in limit to avoid unnecessary effects on the body system.

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  1. sorapally says

    it looks like soursop is not cultivated but grown naturally within forests. which do you as more benefited soursop leaves or soursop fruit or soursop juice?

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Its grown by tree not in the forest. They all have their benefits

      1. sorapally says

        so you mean they are cultivated?

        1. Kingsley Felix says

          I grows on trees

    2. Carol Marks says

      In many countries, the Department of Agriculture sells / distribute soursop seedlings, so that persons can transplant them in their backyards or get involved in large scale cultivation.

      1. Kingsley Felix says

        That is great, shows how important it is

  2. Michael Gierza says

    What is the difference between guyabano and soursop? Also, the look is similar with chinese babana.

  3. Dr. Jerry says

    And….yet ANOTHER thing they didn’t teach us in “school”!!
    Thanks for teaching me this.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Your welcome Dr

  4. Peter says

    Soursop fruit is rich in fiber and vitamins. A decoction of the young shoots or leaves is regarded as a remedy for gall bladder trouble, as well as coughs, catarrh, diarrhea, dysentery, fever and indigestion. These various properties that Soursop fruit believed to cure various diseases. Hope can benefit us all. The Cancer Center also says that some compounds in soursop may be naturally antiviral and antiparasitic, and may also suppress inflammation.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Thank you for the heads up, i appreciate

  5. Harman says

    Very well said man! I never knew Soursop has these much of heath benefits. Its kind a rare fruit in India.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Yeah it is…. This fruit is everywhere here in Nigeria mostly the rural areas

  6. Anthony says

    This is the first time ive heard of this fruit called Soursop and im supprised by its healing abilities.i belive if we focus more on natural cures than drugs we would have a much more healthy population.nature has all the answers

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      You are right, natural resources are best alternative

  7. john led says

    Soursop and its Benefits is new to me. Soursop is like a leaves that has lot of benefits to our body. I hope our government prioritize foods that has a lot of benefits.

    1. Kingsley says

      You are right, let’s hope our government will help out

  8. aziz says

    nice article,well written, appreciated work,very informative and useful.Thanks for sharing because health is everything and you are doing a great job by aware the people and made them to think about their health.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

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  9. Sagar says

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  10. Mahabubalam says

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    1. Kingsley Felix says

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  12. Adolfo says

    In laboratory tests, graviola extract has been shown to kill certain types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant to particular chemotherapy drugs.

  13. Harry says

    I do believe that soursop has many benefits, I love eating it especially if it is sweet, sometimes I pour milk in it and blend it. Then I make tea out of its leaves. I love your post it makes me want to eat soursop again.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Wooow that is great…. I can’t imagine how fantastic it will be.

  14. Kristy011 says

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  16. Krishna says

    Soursop, a relatively a new term for me. Never heard about this. Sure, by reading this post got to know about the its incredible benefits of its. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    1. Kingsley says

      Great, am glad that you have come to know what soursop is from my blog. Do give it a try

    2. Carol Marks says

      Several fruits are available in various countries around the world, either grown there or imported seasonally. These fruits are known by different common names in different countries BUT they have one international SCIENTIFIC or BOTANICAL NAME!

  17. James says

    In lab assessments, graviola extract has been shown to destroy certain types of liver organ and breast cancers cells that are resistant to particular radiation treatment drugs.

  18. harjeet90 says

    nice article,i have learnt a lot of things from it, fruits are very helpful in weight loss,but the care must be taken that you should choose fruits according to the requirements and needs…… i came to know something new regarding weight loss with the help of fruits……. just visit fruits to lose weight

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  20. Mi Muba says

    Soursop; vow a new kind of fruit for me and my friends living in South Asia; but the way you narrated its features and benefits gives an impression that we are quite familiar of it since long. This is the art of narration that you make inroads in the hearts of the readers.

  21. Tammy says

    I am so glad that i have read about soupsop . I didn’t realize that there was some kind of plant that would help with ulcers and would give you fiber. This is good information to know.

  22. kamran shafqat says

    Soursop is such a important fruit which helps in cancer treatment. I wonder more trees of this fruit will be planted all over the world so that It could be easily available.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      That is true, there are other fruits just like this and are effective….. Well you can start the campaign at your area before taking it to the world.

  23. Richard Thompson says

    Very cool, I think it’s interesting that this fruit hasn’t really gotten big in the health community yet. This is actually the first I had heard of it, and I’m a pretty big health enthusiast. I’ll have to look into getting some online!

  24. Rog says

    Nature has provided so much that if any one knows the importance of everything then we can overcome all the health issues. We all know that how dangerous is cancer. So many people lost their life, some couldn’t able to bear the expenses of treatment. Now as its stated above that in research that this fruit has anti-cancer effects, which can really help to those who where in their initial stage..

  25. Diane Barrios says

    this is interesting. i recommend markizza soursop juice that i bought from amazon. tastes just perfect.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

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  26. Diane Barrios says

    this is interesting. i recommend markizza soursop juice on amazon. the taste is just perfect.

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    In addition soursop fruit, a lot of fruit is beneficial
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