Smart Weight Loss Methods to Shed those Pounds Fast


You might be familiar with this story: you decide to dedicate a specific time in your daily calendar to an elliptical routine while remembering to count every calorie consumed. But as soon as you hit the office, you mindlessly begin to eat cupcakes and grab happy hour margaritas, thinking oops, diet ruined!

The better way to deal with this would be to substitute the all or nothing method for one or two healthy swaps in your day to day schedule. By adapting to this approach you will realise more weight loss than you would have thought of. Here are some downright slimmed down techniques from dieters who knocked off over 50 pounds and more, with some simple tweaks while transforming their body in realistic ways.

Celebrity Weight Loss

Go easy on restaurant orders

By cutting down on eating out to just once a week, dieters have revealed that they have lost over 20 pounds in just a month. Most people are habituated to ordering take outs at least 10 to 12 times in a week. This can be corrected by preparing meals at home or making the right choices while ordering restaurant meals, such as opting for a grilled chicken salad in place of a large plate of pasta.

Ignore the salt

One dieter revealed that she achieved her goal weight after she routinely refused to buy snacks at the grocery counter. If she would crave for a bag of crisps or a candy bar, she would make the effort to walk to the store in order to purchase it. Eventually the inconvenience of stepping out of the house to work all the way to the grocery store helped to ignore her cravings in the long run.

Restrict your breakfast to 300 calories only

Most people tend to skip breakfast but the cardinal rule to weight loss is to ensure that breakfast is a complete meal filled with a healthy mix of whole grains and protein. The ideal breakfast meal that packs in a whopping 300 calories of fighting fit goodness is a sandwich prepared with natural peanut and apple butter. A healthy sandwich helps in keeping down hunger so one is less tempted to snack all day long. One particular dieter revealed that she lost over 70 pounds in a little over a year by kick-starting the day with a good healthy breakfast.

Making time for fitness throughout the day

Trying to fit in small bouts of exercise at any time during the day, such as doing abdominal crunches or squats while watching television commercials or even doing a few dance moves while washing dishes can help you to stay on your feet and be active throughout the day. These little bursts of exercise are helpful in burning extra calories and can prevent you from mindlessly munching in front of the television.

Kicking the vices

Smoking is one of the biggest energy sappers; by quitting smoking and joining a fitness program can bring amazing benefits to your body. Smokers who kicked the habit are amazed with the endurance they have built with the help of exercise.

Purge the pantry

If you have set out to stay dedicated and committed to your weight loss goals, the first thing that you need to do is to completely clean out your food shelves of all the unhealthy food items in them. Replace them with low calorie snacks, roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds and similar such healthy food options and you will realise that you are making healthier choices automatically.

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  1. Ahmed El Gamal says

    Very fascinating and motivating. Thanks for sharing the information =)


  2. Tasha says

    These are all really sensible tips I think most people should be able to adapt. I myself know that eating out is a killer – so packing my own lunch & snacks to bring to work helps keep the calories in check and my diet is healthier.

  3. Leeman says

    Staying away from those sodas and making small diet changes is a good start to weight loss. Sugary drinks like sodas will really add on those extra pounds so stick to water and real fruit juices. Take care and God bless Kingsley.

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