Smart Parenting: 10 Ways to Keep Kids Safe at Home


Do you want to make condo living safe for your kids? While it’s great that you think about the matter, it’s not helpful if you let your worries get the better of you. Empower yourself and keep your little ones safe with these 10 easy tips for a childproof home.

1Check Your Baby’s Beddings

Photo courtesy of sathyatripodi via Pixabay

The bedroom should be safe and relaxing for your child. However, if you’re lax about bedroom safety, the space can be a land mine. Bed safety is one of the most overlooked issues. Avoid using beddings for adults because these can suffocate babies and toddlers. Having your small child sleep with a thick comforter and fluffy pillows can be a lethal mistake. Instead, have them sleep in the barest bed possible. On cold nights, dress your baby in a sleeper instead of using thick blankets.



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