These Smart Drugs Can Increase Memory Formation


If you have seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, you have probably run across the idea of a “smart drug”. The number of people that look for NZT-48 or the Limitless pill is in the hundreds of thousands every month, but these people are searching for fiction.

Smart Drugs

There is no such thing as a Limitless drug because the movie was fictional, but so called smart drugs are not new. There are millions of people worldwide who are using so-called smart drugs (otherwise known as nootropics) in order to improve their cognitive function.

Unlike simply using caffeine or off-label use of Adderall to increase focus and concentration, some of these drugs are useful for improving memory formation and learning ability. In this article, we’ll show you which of these nootropic smart drugs are worthwhile and which are not.

Where Does Memory Come From?

Our brain is extremely complex, which is why our understanding of memory formation and learning is underdeveloped. Some scientists believe if our understanding of the human brain was a mile, we have only moved a few centimeters.

What scientists do know about the brain and memory formation relates to the cholinergic system. This system within the brain is influenced by the brain chemical called acetylcholine, which has numerous functions.

The nootropic drugs usually help to increase cholinergic functioning in the region of the brain known as the hippocampus. This part of the brain is where we usually store our memories.

Increasing Memory with Nootropics

This is where the nootropics come into play. The nootropic drugs are usually effective at increasing acetylcholine (the neurochemical associated with memory) or making sure our brains do not remove this essential molecule. Here are a few great tools:

Piracetam – this was the first nootropic produced in the 1960s by a Romanian scientist. His discovery of piracetam lead to the term “nootropics” in the first place and he suggested there were several piracetam benefits.

Namely, the drug was useful for increasing acetylcholine uptake and utilization in the hippocampus (the region where memories are stored). Surprise, surprise, piracetam was one of the first memory drugs specifically for people with Alzheimer’s disease and suffering from memory loss.

Aniracetam – similar to the drug above, aniracetam is fat soluble and fast acting, which means it enters the bloodstream quickly and is highly potent. Many people find it helps with visual and verbal fluency in addition to creative thinking.

Even though aniracetam is a newer smart drug, it is more popular than piracetam in a lot of circles. Many programmers and other people love this drug because it improves memory formation and is also slightly stimulating.

CDP Choline – of course, if you are going to use the piracetam or aniracetam drugs to increase memory formation, you also must make sure to have enough choline in the first place. As we mentioned, acetylcholine is a brain chemical used to create memories, but if you don’t eat enough eggs it is hard to have enough.

This is one of the reasons many people combine the piracetam and CDP choline together in order to improve memory formation even more.

With these three drugs, it is simple to increase memory formation and learning ability. While there are some other benefits, these are the main reasons to utilize this powerful drug.

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