Simple Ways to Stop Negative Thoughts


“Do not feed your mind with negative thoughts. If you do, you will come to believe in them” – Catherine Pulsifer

The mind is an enigmatic and powerful thing.

So powerful in fact, that it allows us to engender illusory and fabricated thoughts that would feed our anxiety. These precarious thoughts hinder us from ever being truly happy by consistently letting us believe in concocted situations that may possibly never happen. More often than not, our needless anxiety and apprehension stem from the fact that humans as we are, we often over think the little details. These ill-conceived fictional thoughts would often cause us to stress. We all have varied reactions to stress, but the general reactions are often adverse and one of these is derailing our sleep cycles.

Sleep is essential and lack of it can prevent us from having a healthy life. See how simple overthinking can affect you so much? Your thoughts, no matter how powerful and evocative they are, should not render you ineffective. This is why for every daunting negative you have, you should also have an equally compelling happy thought or at least, an effective countermeasure to nullify those thoughts. Below are just some of the few ways that you could reduce or offset these nagging negative thoughts.

1.)    Stay away from toxic people

toxic people

Troublesome feelings and thoughts are often influenced by surroundings and our surroundings largely depend on the kind of people we associate with. Check your circle of friends and have a brief rumination just to contemplate on the type of people they are. If you observe them whining more often and being generally negative in whatever aspect, chances are their behavior is rubbing off on you.  Avoid this type of people at all costs or if you can, if that fails at least be aware that you are picking up their habits. Keep positive company, it is better for your thoughts and for yourself.

2.)    Meditate


Sometimes, in order to keep away from negative thoughts, we would all need a relaxing breather which we would spend by ourselves. By meditating, we take the focus away from the negative thoughts and back to ourselves and our breaths. This enables us to relax and think rationally for a moment instead of getting ahead of ourselves.  Additionally, you can do yoga which relaxes you and eases your mind as well. This is a way of training your thoughts to think of the present and the now—which is essentially the most important moment.

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