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Infographic: 10 + 4 Simple Ways to Remove Pimples Overnight

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Heal your body with natural healers. Fruits, vegetables and spices have natural healing properties. Once you know them, you are bound to follow them as they are very simple and easy to use. The effects are conspicuous. Here are a few ideas to explore:

Parsley is known as best kidney cleanser. Drinking parsley water daily (boiled in water and cooled) filters and excrete all the salt and other accumulated poison out of kidney by urination.

Pimples can be removed overnight by applying honey or calamine lotion, aloe vera, banana peels, orange peels and juice, papaya.

Aloe vera carries antiviral and anti-bacteria properties. It treats wound, dry skin, prevents itchy scalp, reduces dandruff and promotes hair growth. Pure aloe vera gel is used both as a face cleanser and as hair mask.

Garlic purifies the blood, provides relief from cold and flu, clear the acne, is both anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic and promotes growth. It can be used by rubbing sliced cloves on the scalp; by holding crushed garlic directly on the cold sore or by sipping garlic tea.

Green teas are highly popular these days as the majority of the population has switched to green teas owing to its higher benefit.

Honey and lemon helps cleanse the liver, weight loss, improves digestion, detoxify the body, and boosts immune system. Honey and cinnamon aids in weight lostimulateates hair growth, clear acne and provides healthy digestion.

Coconut has innumerable health benefits. It helps in skin whitening, remineralizing and detoxifying. As toothpaste, it recedes gum and solves all kinds of teeth problems.

Add some nutrients to water and increase it benefits. One can create one’s own flavor. The popular ones are rice water, lemon water, fennel water, mint water, rose water, cucumber water, honey water etc.

The cures are infinite. Think of any natural product and chances are that you will find a cure simultaneously.

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