Why you shouldn’t lift Weights to Impress Girls?


Impressing a girl is a dream of every man in his life. And he would do anything to impress her. But then the true fact is that girls don’t fall in things which they feel are bogus.But there are some crazy men who do crazy things to impress his girl. One among these crazy things could be lifting weights to influence his love. Let’s have a look at the bad effects of weight lifting on you. lift Weights to Impress Girls Lifting heavy weights can often result in injuries. Do not attempt to exercise weight lifting by your own. Be sure that you have a supporter with you. If something worse happens, you need to be taken care immediately.For example take the case of barbells and dumbbells; the chances of injuries are more frequent when you use barbells.

lift Weights

If you can’t do a repetition because of the total weight of the barbells, you might gettrapped under the barbell. Your body undergoes high level of pressure and it compresses the joints. You are likely to get injured inside your muscles without proper practice.These heavy equipment’s also create an imbalance in your body, because it’s only lifted upward and downward, and side movements are excluded. It’s highly dangerous to lift weights if your prime aim is just to impress girls. One should regularly practice weight lifting and not suddenly doing it on one fine morning, to impress. Weight lifting is seriously a great risk.We can say that the risk is higher compared to any martial arts or any kind of sports.

People quit weight lifting mainly because they can’t take injuries and suffer the pain on their torso anymore.Weight lifting is also an abnormal way of building your body. You are putting an extra effort to gain extra strength and muscles, which is vividly unnatural for a normal person. Each and every exercise in weight lifting includes unnatural way of body motion, which has an adverse effect on your body. God has created our body in such a way that it cannot take more of colossal stress and pressures.

But weight lifting gives the body so much of crushing pressures and stresses which squarely hurts the ligaments, joints and muscles. Apart from these some of the weight lifters are also used to intake of steroids. This steroid consumption will have an adverse effect on your brain like variations in your mood and behavior, aggression, jealousy, delusions, reduction of sexual drive etc. Sometimes you may also jump into being an addict of steroids.Lifting weights also affects your backbone, spine and disks.

Your health is more important than impressing a girl. Putting your health at stake and impressing a girl is not going to win you anything, but just some physical injuries. These injuries could also be long term, which can even affect your married life ahead. Physical appearance doesn’t lure the mind and eyes of a girl. What she needs is a person who takes care of her, irrespective of his physical appearance. Once you start the process of body building and exercises, you should be sure to continue it.

Also the consumption’s of steroids and other physical building medicines promise to have vilest effect on you. No girl is going to look at you if you become a drug addict or an amputee or if you are physically challenged in anyway. The accidents and injuries which occur during the exercises leave a lifelong scar on your body for which there is no use of repenting later. These are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t be lifting weights just to impress a girl. And the utter truth is, girls need not be impressed.

There are so many wonderful ways other than weight lifting to attract your girl. For example talk politely, avoid rude behaviors in public, respecting her and on top of everything carry yourself neat and tidy. Do not try to impress her modifying your body unnaturally by lifting heavy weights or building your body with six packs etc.Remember to respect your girl and love her naturally and she will love you back for her whole life time. For any further assistance on your academic work related issues, you can contact the experts from online USA writers original essays which are recognized to provide academic writing help, and their valuable instructions will guide you to the right place.

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