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Self-Injury Awareness Day: Love Yourself First

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It is what we called self-injury. A person that hurts his body or her own body is actually the person that leaving scars or marks that permanent or eventually will go away. If you ever seen someone cutting himself with sharp object, punching himself with hard objects, enjoying plucking the hair for hours or just doing any actions that breaking his bones or leaving bruises, that person is performing self-injury.

This type of injury is something that the person intentionally does to himself and it might be an action that repeated. Self-injury is not only injuring the outer part of the body but also inside the body by drinking something harmful.

Self-Injury Awareness Day

Who Are The People That Does It?

This action is not belongs to a specific age. Majority of the cases are from the teenagers and adults both from women and men. They have a different background and races.

Why A Person Cutting Himself?

The person who cut himself is looking at self-injury as a relief. It is their way to cope with problems that they have. Some people can’t express themselves in words. So by showing their scars and bruises they are actually seeking for attention and help.

Teenagers are the group that fragile emotionally and easy to get influenced with bad habit such as this one. If they don’t have a strong mentality and support system, this is one of the actions that they will be involved. They will hurt themselves because they may feel unloved and lacked of attention from their family and friends.

Someone with drug problem, an alcoholic or a victim of abuse also potentially to do such action. Even, they are not trying to kill themselves but they could accidentally die because they’re unable to control such injury and action.

Love Yourself First To Avoid Self-Injury Action:

You have to realize that you have only one body to live in. Your body is the first priority in life that you need to take a good care of before anything else. You can’t love someone better if you don’t know how to love yourself or how to take care of yourself at the first place. People have their own problems and challenges. Relying to other people for solving your problems or to make you happy is not quite necessary sometimes. It’s all depends on you to be happy and positive for your own good.

The key to love yourself is to accept and looking everything on the positive side. You can start to love yourself more by following these 5 meaningful steps.

  1. Embrace Your Unique Look:

People always obsessed with beauty and some of them really can’t accept for being ugly or been told as an ugly person. It is hurtful sometimes because you are not likeable because of your appearance. But think again, everyone have their own strength of beauty and so are you. You might not have the perfect hair or the perfect eyes, but you still have the perfect smile and the perfect skin that make you become one of the kind.

You shouldn’t compare yourself with other actress, actor or model because they were trained to look good on camera for their entertainment business. It is their job to make you fell in love with them and adore them. You should love yourself for being real and positive person. Do not let your weight, your big or small eyes, and your hair to define your personality. Beauty is something that naturally comes to you when you are feeling confident, comfortable, safe and happy. So embrace your unique look and love it because you are celebrating your own uniqueness and influencing other people to come to you in that celebration. This is the time when people love you for who you are because of the way you love yourself.

  1. Take Care Of Your Feeling:

All of us will deal with people who are backstabbing, let you down or we will deal with a relationship failure. The first thing that you have to do is to calm down. If you love yourself, you should take care of your feeling and avoid from being in too much of stress. Life is full of challenges. If you don’t know how to deal with the challenges, just remember to calm down as the first step.

A calm and healthy mind will help you to face any problem with a positive attitude. This is how you should take care of your feeling and avoid stress. A positive attitude will lead you to stay strong and face the challenges without you need to hurt yourself or other people. You also will easily forgive and forget the trouble because what is matter to you now is the future, not the past.

  1. Reward Yourself:

After you done a very good job in the office or you get a good score in your exam you should reward yourself. Have a nice meal at home with your family and friends or you can do something that you really enjoy as a reward.

If you think you are deserve to have your favorite ice cream or buying yourself your favorite flower or clothes as a reward for your achievement, just go for it. If you keep on rewarding yourself like this it is a good sign that you are in love with yourself. You are taking a good care of your feeling and you want to keep yourself happy without relying on other people.

  1. Build A Healthy Relationship:

A healthy relationship is very important to you, to your family and to your friends. It will ensure the long-term relationship with them in your life. While you are enjoying and loving your own life, you should never forget your own family and friends.

Asking your parents about how are they doing and going to cinema with your friends in the weekend is a healthy routine for you. When you care with the people around you, you will always receive the love back. This is also how to make them and let them to be a part of your life and stay close to you.

  1. Get Help:

Sometimes, we do need help no matter how strong we are. You need to let go of your inner ego to get a better solution for your problem. It is good for you to get help because you are not only the one with the burden. You need to share it with someone and then together you will solve it in the right way.

A lot of people were not able to deal with their problem because they’re trying to solve it on their own. Please get someone who has more experience to help and guide you to make a better decision. You have to help yourself by letting other people share their experience with you so you can learn from it.


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