Role of Technology in Online Doctor Consultation

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One of the underlying benefits of virtual doctor consultation is the personalization of the treatment allowing patient to communicate about problems and choices with the physician to make a recovery plan that the patient follows. Doctors, clinicians, medical practitioners and office staff all come together to an open dialogue with the patient and caregiver by means of online chatting, telephone, smartphone or any technology available. And that’s the core of quality healthcare.

Online Doctor Consultation

Benefits of Technology in Online Consultation

A responsive, convenient and efficient option, virtual visit practice (whether video, telephone or software based) offers a faster and easier way to follow up with elderly or bedridden patients and prevents patients misdiagnosing themselves. The use of technology allows doctors to manage their time in a more efficient manner and reduces the waiting room crowd. What’s more, a patient’s Personal Health Record (PHR) is available to the doctor anytime, anywhere thus enabling efficient and personalized care.

The advantages of using digital and video technologies in virtual healthcare are:

Digital Footprints

Services –

Patients can access different services offered by the portal anywhere, anytime. For instance, the reliable name in online healthcare offers a bouquet of patient-centric services, ranging from prevention to wellness to cure, all under one roof, namely home care, medical tests at home, doorstep delivery of medicines and medical facilitation among host of related services.

Accessibility –

Web-based or digital services are a boon for patients who are ill-disposed and cannot or are uncomfortable physically commuting to the clinics. The reach of web-based services extends to remote areas as well besides the availability of consultations 24×7.

Information –

Some of the portals also give specialist-endorsed information so that the patient can know accurate information with a click rather than depend on word of mouth advices or self-diagnosis.

Testimonials –

Patients’ reviews or testimonials lend credibility to the website and also build up confidence in other patients who wish to contact a trusted site. The patient can simply log onto a website and check the testimonials featured by erstwhile or present patients and then decide to go ahead with the website’s services or not.

Video Consultations

Follow-ups –

Routine follow-ups can be hassle-free with video consultations. Such consultations also save time and money. The patient can use the visual and audio medium to convey any discomfort or queries and get medical advice on the spot.

Location –

The convenience of one’s own home adds to the benefit of video consultation vis-à-vis traditional doctor visit. You can communicate to the online doctor at your convenience with the help of live video chat on the smartphone or computer instead of taking the time off from your schedule, commuting till the clinic, waiting for appointment etc. In an increasingly digital space, video conferencing allows doctors or specialists and patients to communicate effectively even if they’re not in the same city, state or country.

Appointments –

In-person’s checkups or doctors’ appointment can take a long time to arrange. Online consultations makes it possible for a doctor to dedicate some time to video chats and confirm or book an appointment with a senior practitioner, if need arises for the patient’s physical contact.

Monitoring –

The doctors can easily monitor the patient according to the updated health reading, symptoms and feedback for a holistic consultation and treatment experience. The doctors can also share documents to support their assessments and gather real-time feedback.

Convenience –

Ease of operation is another uptick for video consultations. A video conference can be done simply by using a laptop or desktop and mobile phone or tablet. In some sites, video conferencing can be done using the portal’s service, without taking the help of any other service.

Collaborative Healthcare –

The interactive feature of video conferencing along with built-in aspects like real-time feedback, chats and document-sharing (stream audio and video) allows specialists to connect and even consult each other or hold webinars with their staff to discuss a new technology or medical issue, thus supporting the collaborative nature of medical practice.


Thus, technology enables the patients, doctors and family and friends to connect and communicate for providing better and holistic healthcare by virtue of its collaborative nature.

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