Restore Natural Hair Glory via Artificial Advancements


Baldness is an increasingly common male appearance problem across the world. It severely affects self-image issues, gnawing on confidence and affecting social interactions. Although some may say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, yet a bald man cannot always approve his looks in the mirror. Unless you find yourself attractive internally, it shows up in social interactions and personal relationships.

You become an object of ridicule and your friends slowly start to distance themselves from your weird presence. None of their selfies look good with you in the frame! Many men also report confidentially that their lovers have left them because there is no beauty in associating with an ugly person. Fortunately, the situation is never out of hand. You can still have your natural glory back by artificial means.

Natural Hair

Not all hope is lost

Rampant hair fall causes bitter mood swings and often even the most successful man may lash out at someone unnecessarily because he is uncomfortable with the glaring bald patch! Many people look for solutions to control drastic hair fall, but ultimately the shampoos and the oils leave you nothing but a sticky head! Consider resorting to the only permanent method to restore self-image with hair transplant uk. Transplantation is a well-established process for delivering truly impressive results. Check out the gallery of before-after photos of men who finally have the confidence to look straight to the camera. The service website would also provide you with all other info needed to decide the right process.

Applicable procedures

The surgical procedures are available in two key types, the FUE and the FUT. In Follicular Unit Extraction, hair strands are extracted as ‘units’ and placed individually into the bald patch. It is the usual procedure when baldness is not at an advanced stage, and you need to cover a small patch. However, for covering big patches, the surgeon would extract the hair strands with follicles and follow it up to carefully segregate them into grafts for placement in the bald patch. This process is called Follicular Unit Transplant.

Something for everyone

The donor area is typically at the back of the head where the hairs still remain. Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, the specialist would also harvest the hair for grafting from other body parts like the chest and the back. FUT is more expensive of the two procedures, and is typically done under local anesthesia. Even people who have no hairs left on their head can still do something about it by a process called micropigmentation. It is essentially nothing but a surgical tattooing process to cover the head. It creates the impression of closely cropped hair and saves you somewhat from the shame of being fully bald.

The applicable procedure for your requirements would become clear only after a direct visit to the clinic. Advanced facilities use a digital proscope to assess hair condition. Simulations for micro-pigmentation also help one to estimate accurately how they would look following the procedure. Besides the surgical assistance, specialists at a competent clinic for hair transplant uk would also suggest lifestyle and diet suggestions to arrest hair fall.

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