Natural Home Remedies for Treating Heel Spurs

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Our bodies work to keep our bone growth in balance, but sometimes things can go wrong. Due to excessive physical activity, PH imbalances and various conditions brought by age, our bones can develop into spurs and cause pain and discomfort. Bone spurs are deposits of calcium at the areas where ligaments connect to the bones. When this condition occurs on the heel, it is called a heel spur.

Heel Spurs

According to a 2014 study on musculoskeletal disorders, thirty-eight percent of people have heel spurs. Heel spurs are formed when the body tries to repair itself from injury, forming layers of bone at the point of the trauma. Heel spurs can be caused by many reasons. Some of them include excessive sports, continuous walking, jumping using worn-out or wrong-sized shoes, or obesity. Heel spurs are common to athletes and people with rheumatic disease. It is also prevalent in diabetic and middle-aged men and women, but can also be experienced by various age groups.

7 Simple Pantry Ingredients for Treating Heel Spurs

Heel spurs aren’t usually treated unless they cause chronic pain or are severe enough to damage other tissues. Heel spurs are closely related to a condition called plantar fasciitis, which is why treatment is almost the same. The following are home remedies you can use to treat heel spurs:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

The use of vinegar as medicine dates long back from the time of the Babylonians. It was even recorded that Hippocrates himself used vinegar as an antibiotic. Greek doctors have used vinegar to treat wounds, increase vitality, and combat various diseases like scurvy and indigestion.

As a treatment for heel spurs, Apple cider vinegar works by helping pull out excess calcium deposits on the underside of the heel bone. It also reduces inflammation and pain in the area. You can use apple cider vinegar by soaking your foot twice daily in warm water mixed with raw ACV for 10 minutes.

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