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Recovery: Should You Go at It Alone or With Support?

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First you realise you have a problem. Perhaps it is with drugs, alcohol or any other type of substance abuse. What is good is that you realise you have the problem and not that someone else told you that you do. The question is can you go through recovery alone? Are you the type of person who thrives with a support system, or do you do better flying solo? Here you can figure out what is best for you. And we are proud that you see your problem.


Recovery aloneA way I never considered. In the past I thought you needed a support system to help aid in recovery, but it turns out that it is possible to do it on your own.

You probably want to do recovery on your own because you do not want the people around you to know that you have a problem. That is perfectly normal and all right. There are websites out there to assist you on your journey to recovery.

When attempting recovery on your own, it does not mean that you are not allowed to seek out help from a professional – you just do not do it on a full time basis. There are support groups on social media you are able to reach out to when you feel as though your moral is low. It is completely anonymous and you still have your freedom.

One of my former colleagues did recovery on her, own by seeing a therapist once a week for an hour. That was all she needed to kick the habit. Her family did not know and neither did most of her friends and colleagues. It was a part of her life that she was not proud of and she wanted to fix her mistakes. She was successful and has been clean for a few years.

It just goes to show that recovery alone is possible. There are many success stories out there.

With Support

Recovery with helpThis is the most popular and common way to go. If you wish to use support may I recommend Crystal Springs Ranch in Dallas? They are a wonder facility putting you and your family first. Here is some information about them:

  • They offer safe, medically supervised detoxification whether it is alcohol, prescription drugs, methamphetamines, opiates, cocaine or anything addiction you may be recovering from.
  • They offer individual focus small counsellor caseloads for more one on one attention.
  • There is empowering recovery through client education.
  • Your family is also offered programming for support for you and themselves.
  • There is assessment and treatment for co-occurring disorders. If you have more than one issue, they can assist with both.
  • There are enhanced therapies such as yoga, equine assisted learning, healthy outdoor activities, ropes course, breath work and numerous other activities.

The ranch at one time was a first class resort, so some of their current guests are able to utilize the same facilities. What better way to recover than with beautiful landscapes, clean air and being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Upon completion of your recovery, you are able to participate in a comprehensive monitoring system. This will encourage you to further your recovery away from the facility. The device is first initiated during the treatment so it is something the patient is able to adjust to while there. It is great for support and positive treatment. You are also subject to recovery check in’s and random drug testing during this time. They want to make sure that you are successful the first time around rather than the 20th time around. Crystal Springs wants you to be successful in your recovery.


You are able to be successful in your recovery if you want to be. You can do it alone if you want to keep it private. Utilize websites, therapists and social media if you need that extra boost. You are your own worst enemy if you do not try to succeed. Keep my colleagues Mantua- you gag yourself into it, you can get yourself out.

If you need that extra push then Crystal Springs is great. They support you during your recovery there and when you leave. They want you to get it right the first time, and for you to have a life afterwards.

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