Quick Recovery and How Good Is the Result from Botox Treatment Use


Botox or dysport is not a new brand in cosmetic industry, and its brand name is Botulinum Toxin type A. It is actually a purified form of toxin derived from Botulinum clostridium, and this toxin will be injected to desired muscles. When injected, the muscle will not contract because there is no signal to be transmitted. The overlying skin will visibly smoother and less wrinkled as the results.

The Food and Drug Administration or the FDA has approved Botox treatment for women and men as a temporary treatment especially for frown lines between the eyebrows, and it is also a method to remove facial wrinkles as well.

Botox Treatments

How Good Is the Result?

Not all facial wrinkles can get the benefit from Botox injections especially if it is caused by the sun damage. It is only shows its effectiveness based on your skin type too. If your skin is thick or your wrinkle is too severe, maybe this treatment is also not so effective on you no matter how many injections introduced.

Botox treatment requires for only several hours and then you can continue with your next daily routine. The results will be noticed after 1-2 days, and it will look even more natural within two weeks for successful treatment. Botox treatment is only temporary and after three to six months, the muscle can begin to contract again and you need to repeat the process.

That means, you need to follow up your injection needs after several months to maintain you wrinkle free look. If you decided to use Botox to reverse your aging, it is not going to work, because Botox is only to give you a wrinkle free look and it is not a face lift treatment.

Botox treatment is also not recommended by the FDA is you are pregnant or plan to be become pregnant, and if you’re currently breastfeeding. You need to consult your doctor so you know the risks that you are going to take if you proceed with your Botox need.

Botox treatment Side effects

Here are some potential side effects if you are using Botox treatment:

  • Immediate headaches,
  • Bruising after the next day,
  • pain at the site of injection
  • Itchiness,
  • immediate drooping eyelids or eyebrows (rare case)

Most of the Botox users experience these side effects before seeing the full results after a few weeks.

Botox uses are only limited to treat frown lines, and other skin problem such as crow’s feet and face wrinkles according to FDA. It is also can be used to remove wrinkle on the neck and control severe underarm sweating. FDA also announced in September 2013 that any uses that ‘off-label’ or not in the treatment list, will be considered potentially dangerous. It is clear now Botox treatment is not for everyone.

Pro and Cons

Here are some basic Pros and Cons that you should have in mind if you are going to use Botox treatment anyway:


  • Botox injections are a fast, simple injections procedure, and it is only takes for several hours to be completed including doctor’s recommendation, physical examinations and treatment.
  • You can continue to work after your injections done.
  • Results are visible within weeks.
  • Satisfied users will be return for another treatment.


  • You need another treatment because the result is just for three to six months.
  • A lot of side effects potentially occurred.
  • Expensive, depends on the quality of Botox that you are offered and which country you are live in.
  • It is toxic for children and babies, not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant woman.
  • A lot of cases have been filed because the doctors are guilty from using and selling research-grade of botulinum toxin to the customer.

When to Consider for Botox?

You are only advised to use Botox treatment for the skin problems that mentioned by FDA because this treatment is not for all type of skin problem. Here is other reason for you to consider Botox.

  1. If you have the money, so you can go to the best clinic that serves Botox treatment.
  1. If you are not into make up to disguise the wrinkles, you can use Botox as a quick fix.
  1. You have to practice a good smile on your face every day so people do not noticed your aging. But if you can’t do that, you can use Botox as a solution.
  1. Botox has negative side effects, and if you are prepared for it, you can use Botox.
  1. If you are not planning to become pregnant and you don’t have breastfeeding kids, it is time for you to use Botox.
  1. Do your own research before considering Botox, because to treat a wrinkle, you can use another options like natural remedy, face and spa treatment, using face serum and many more. It gives more permanent results than Botox.

Botox treatment is an investment, because if you want to maintain your wrinkle free face, you are required to re-treatment after several months, which is another round for negative side effects before completely see the results. It is also painful sometimes to let the needle injected to your muscle. Botox is not an easy treatment to handle, but for the fearless one, this could be your easy escape for your beauty.

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