Preventive Dental Care: A Necessity to Keep Your Pearly Whites Healthy


The beauty of your smile and overall health are dependent on preventive dental care. Brushing and flossing your teeth everyday are often not sufficient to maintain good oral hygiene sometimes. Most people require professional dental care even if you don’t have cavities or dental problems.

Here are a few things that should be taken care of in routine dental care, if you want to keep cavities, bad breath and other dental health problems as bay.

Dental Treatments

Things You Can Do at Home

There are a few things you can do at home to prevent cavities and gum disease.


Your mouth is a haven for bacteria that feed on the food particles that stay back in your mouth. These bacteria break down food particles and sugars, releasing an acid that erodes the enamel of your teeth. And, over a period of time, this leads to cavities. Furthermore, if bacteria multiply, they can result in gum disease or other oral health issues. So make it a point to brush your teeth a minimum of a twice a day to prevent proliferation of oral bacterial in your mouth.


Just brushing is not sufficient, as food remnants often get stuck between teeth. So, make sure to floss your teeth twice a day as well to clean out intra-dental spaces between your teeth.

Mouth Rinse:

Once you finish brushing and flossing, using a mouth rinse to cleanse out your mouth thoroughly and form a protective coating on your teeth. Most mouth rinses work throughout the day and prevent bacteria from thriving in your mouth.

Tongue Cleaning:

Make it a point to scrape your tongue after brushing. You can use your toothbrush or tongue brush to clean your tongue. Never avoid this, as bacteria tend to settle on the tongue and lead to bad breath or halitosis.

Visiting Your Dentist

Many people avoid going to a dentist because they have an inherent fear. However, today, dental practices use a variety of methods to make most dental procedures painless. So, get over your fear and make it a point to visit your dentist twice a year. Not only will your dentist clean your teeth to get rid of the accumulated tartar, it will also help to maintain healthy gums and teeth and make your smile gorgeous!

During your visits, the dentist will check your teeth and gums carefully and this helps to identify problems early. When dental problems are detected early, proper treatment can be given to prevent complications, such as tooth loss, later on.

Why is Preventive Dental Care Important?

Not just adults, but even children should visit dentists twice a year. Children learn the importance of good oral hygiene and this habit continues into adulthood. As an adult, you do not have the luxury of milk teeth. You already have your permanent set of teeth and if they are neglected, you will not be able to retain this set. Then there is an added complication of gum disease and other oral health problems. You can keep these at bay and reducing the number of visits to your dentists by opting for preventive dental care.

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  1. Gracey spurek says

    Yes keeping your teeth clean is really very important to have a healthy life. So do brush regularly and visit a dentist atleast twice in a month. Also there are home remedies like rinsing your mouth with water, using mouth freshner to avoid the bad breath, etc.

    1. Shen Chao says

      Hello Gracey,

      Thanks for your time and sharing your view. I totally agree with you, it is important to visit your dentist twice a month. Apart from all these you should as well floss once in a day and before you go to bed ,avoid excessive oily food and develop health habits. You can learn more about the same over here or , these are one of the best guide on how to keep your mouth and teeth healthy .


  2. Roy says

    These are all basics, but it’s alarming how a lot of people can’t even be bothered to do any of these. Preventive dental care is a must and should be a habit and not something that is just done sporadically.

  3. Adam says

    Many people take their oral health for granted and never bother to follow the proper oral hygiene routine and later they regret their carelessness. We all know prevention is better than cure but fail to implement these things on our selves. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

    1. Shen Chao says

      Hello Adam,

      Thanks for your time and sharing your precious view. Glad you found the article interesting. I totally agree with your thoughts, people are ignoring all the basic tips that can prevent oral problems and later on they are facing many oral problems and repenting for the same.

      Shen Chao

  4. Caleb says

    It is so important to practice daily oral hygiene. It can help prevent oral diseases and keep your mouth healthy. It can also save you money as well.

    1. Shen Chao says

      Hello Caleb,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your view. I totally agree with you, it is important to maintain proper oral routine and with proper oral care can save your money too.

  5. Jack says

    Always take care of your body. Preventative care is always better and must always be don as soon as you think there is something going on with you or your love ones.

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