How to Make a Picture Perfect Landscape: Tips for Beginners


From health to environment, there are plenty of advantages of tree plantation. They provide clean air, oxygen, shade and so many different benefits. Landscaping is an extraordinary approach to increase the standard of your property and make open air spaces. It is mainly a process of combining nature and culture together. Whether you need to concentrate on your front yard, backyard, or full land, there are fascinating alternatives to consider.

When you are thinking about planting trees in your yard, you must follow some rules to get the best outcome. We have made a guideline to help you in making a picture perfect landscape for your home.

Make a list of necessity and needs

Your first task will be to make a list of what things or elements you need and what things you want. There are significant differences between these two. Things that you need in your garden will definitely depend on your family situation. You might have kids who need an area to play. And for this you need to concern about their safety. If you want a beautiful flower bed, it will be somewhat impractical. Young kids may have a field day with your lovely flowers. Prepare a list of your needs and your wants. You can consider it as an idea, not master plans.

Focus on a central point

Focus on a central point


A decent garden must have a point of convergence or series of central points, and it’s the easiest principle to put in place in landscape design for beginners. The point is to draw your eye and move it through the scene. You need to accurate in focusing on scale and pacing.

Perfect scale and pacing will give your garden an awesome look. This is the main trick. There can be a variety in sizes, shapes, and colours. Plant your taller trees against the building or at back of the flower bed. These will lead the people coming to visit through a proper space. You might have wanted to repeat some elements for example; a particular plant or common colour or a particular shape to make cohesion between all.  At the same time, to avoid a monotonous design, you can add elements that are different from the landscape.

Choose the right place

Choose the right place


What is more important is that you need to find a core point or two in your well desired garden where every other thing runs off. It might be your favourite place where you want to just sit and relax. But you need to think about the sun during the daytime as you are going to stay longer time in there.

If you do not find a natural central point, it’s time to make it on your own. Start thinking about planting a set of trees, kind of shrubs or the plants that would easily  catch  the eyes. Before you start digging for either tree planting, you need to check whether there are lines that are running beneath the land you are intended to dig.

You must consult this matter with local utility companies to avoid all sorts of hassle. Generally it does not take much time to inform the utility companies, but if you do not do it, you endanger yourself. There might be a gas line or any electrical line beneath your land. Before you get started with digging work, you need to locate the perfect place to have a hassle-free digging.

Study sunlight and wind pattern

Study sunlight and wind pattern


You need to carry out a little research on the sun and wind pattern. You might be thinking to place the patio on the west. But it will have so much afternoon sun and in August that the place will be more hot than relaxing.

The wind whistling at the corner of the garden will help to extinguish a fire pit rapidly. These are the general faults in landscape design for beginners. Make your design after a proper study on the position of the sun and wind direction at different times of the day and the year.

Be interested in change

You always need to be open to change. You need to be firmly devoted to something and you need to be honest about what you really like or else you won’t enjoy your landscape garden. One thing you need to bear in mind always that patience is the key to landscape designs.

If you find the space if better as a playground for your kids, you need to go for a temporary solution first. You can go for fast growing ground covers which will not require much of your care instead it will cover the place. Meanwhile, you can have time to decide what you are going to do.

Some landscaping features like trees can be hard to move so you can’t change it, on the other hand, annuals can be taken out, and small perennials and bushes can be transplanted if you think that they’re in the odd position. You have to plan it in a way, so that you can transform it whenever you want to change the look of your garden.


Home owners always face difficulties in creating a perfect and flawless garden. The first difficulty that you are going to face is how and where do you start? Would that be planting shrubs set, making fresh borders, or working on the whole space to be revamped? But to be honest it’s too tough to decide and know how to start your work.

Hopefully, this article has helped you even a bit on deciding how to begin your landscaping project for your home. Either you want to put a fresh look to your lovely garden or want to adjust something in your backyard; you can read our five steps for landscaping your garden to avoid all difficulties and for happy gardening. If you’re nervous about doing it yourself, there are plenty of tree services that are ready to take on the job while you relax and wait for your picture perfect landscape.

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Louis BradfordLouis Bradford is an Environmentalist. His advocacy is focused on the protection and preservation of the environment through the use of eco-friendly preservation methods. He is also very passionate about promoting favorable ways to tree care and earth balling of young trees. Hi is currently in contact with arborists for tree services in Dallas area.

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