How Pests Trigger Allergies and Asthma


Encountering Pests at home is like a nightmare. No one wants to see these unwanted guests damaging their aesthetic valuables and bringing in a lot of diseases. Pests are not just annoying, but they can cause allergies too, and they are also known to be a cause of asthma.

Cockroaches, dust mites and molds are the pests which can cause and trigger asthma and allergies. Kitchen happens to be one of the most favorable place for cockroach infestation, but having cockroaches in your house does not make it obvious that they are responsible for all the allergies. In many cases, where there is no cockroach infestation,  the allergens might be dust and fabrics. Cockroaches and pet dander are both common allergy triggers. The waste of cockroach, its saliva and body parts are a problem in some homes, especially in the southern U.S.

About 20 million Americans are allergic to dust mites, which are too small to see, but still can cause serious problems for you. A horrifying truth is that a little amount of dust can contain all the harmful elements, such as, pieces of dead cockroaches, pet dander, dead skin, dust mites and mold spores.

In order to stay healthy, we have to fight back these pests. To get rid of them, chemical and toxic pesticides are commonly used, without knowing that these pesticides can be more health hazardous than these pests itself. And these toxic and chemical pesticides can also cause allergies and trigger asthma. Thus, such pesticides are obviously not a solution.

A healthy alternative to control these pests is the use of organic methods or eco-friendly pesticides which stop these pests from reproduction. Here are a few ways to fight these pests without harming your health.

Natually controlling these allergies and asthma causing pests:



You can cure from cockroach allergens by keeping your house clean, particularly your kitchen. Minimize the hosts for cockroaches like food scraps etc., this can prevent them from entering your house. Less humidity, less carpets lesser cockroaches. Cracks or openings around or inside the cabinets should be sealed. You can also use Boric Acid and sugar as bait. Even after taking all these measures, you are unable to control these cockroaches then contact a professional pest management company.

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  1. Glad you mentioned this. I have an allergies in my back, it looks like a pimples, but when the doctors checked it they told me that it is because of the pest. Cleanliness is the key to a healthy living.


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