Personal Hygiene Tips for Ladies


Cleanliness, they say is next to Godliness. Being clean isn’t only about staying in a clean environment or bathing daily, but it also refers to being clean on the inside too. Being clean on the inside means being mindful of what we eat and all the things we introduce into our body as well as ensuring to flush out any harmful substance and toxins in our body.

Personal Hygiene

As women, there is even more pressure on us to remain clean as it is part of our beauty and character. Before we go through with this I’d like you to understand that no one is perfect, and people have different levels of hygiene. Not being as clean as the next person doesn’t make you dirty. The key is to keep trying to be better than you were yesterday. Some personal hygiene tips we should try to adopt in our lives are:

Oral hygiene tips

  • Brush twice a day to take care of your pearly whites and keep that smile looking brighter and lovely.
  • Floss daily: Flossing is just as important as brushing and helps remove stubborn dirt and food debris that may be caught in your teeth
  • Brush your tongue: the color of your tongue says a lot about your health. Remember to scrub it every day after brushing so that it doesn’t accumulate too much dirt and cause mouth odor
  • Oil pulling: try practicing oil pulling for an overall healthy mouth. It whitens the teeth, gets rid of bad breath, etc. it also has extended benefits on the body and the general appearance of your body
  • Exfoliate your lip: try to exfoliate your lip as often as you can. You may use a simple honey with sugar scrub, or just lightly use your toothbrush to scrub it while brushing. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin on the lip that may cause it to get chapped as well as give room for the new skin to show. It also makes your lip feel soft and look pink.

Skin care tips

  • Bathe well: be sure to use a mild soap and not too harsh a soap. Avoid bathing all the time so that your skins natural oil isn’t washed off before it has the chance to do what it should do which may also lead to dry skin
  • Moisturize daily: use a good skin moisturizer after hopping out of the shower to keep your skin hydrated. You can use coconut oil in place of moisturizers as it’s a very good and natural moisturizer
  • Exfoliate from time to time: you need to exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin cells and make room for fresher healthier ones. Remember, without exfoliating, it’ll be difficult to see changes on your skin because you are putting all your attention and effort on dead skin.

Hair care hygiene tips

  • Wash your hair at least twice a month with a healthy hair shampoo
  • Remember to cream and oil your hair from time to time to prevent dry and itchy scalp that leads to hair breakage
  • Try hot oil treatment for your scalp
  • Trim the edges from time to time to promote hair growth.


  • Unless you plan on keeping your nails, try trimming them from time to time
  • If you are keeping your nails, keep them clean at all times
  • Moisturize your hands and feet daily and at night to keep your nails looking strong and healthy
  • Treat yourself to a full-on manicure and pedicure from time to time.
  • Shape your nails to make your hands pretty

Peeing etiquette

  • Try to avoid holding urine in for too long as this can affect your bladder
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wipe your vagina from front to back and not back to front to avoid introducing bacteria into it

Vaginal hygiene

  • Try shaving from time to time because if its stuffy down there, you sweat and accumulate lots of germs
  • Best use a hair removal cream to avoid injuries and razor bumps, but be careful to not let it into your vagina
  • Avoid silk pants as much as possible because they are not well absorbent stick to cotton panties
  • Try going to bed with no panties. If you’re not too comfortable with the idea of being naked, wear a free and light boxer or shorts so as to give your vagina room to breathe
  • You are what you eat. Avoid food that may cause vaginal dryness and eat food that are good for your body such as fruits like watermelon, pineapples, etc. try to avoid too much caffeine and soda

Menstrual hygiene

  • Change your pads and tampons as often as is required to. Don’t wear pads over 7 hours and don’t leave tampons in for too long
  • Wash your vagina every time you use the toilet
  • Dispose of your pad safely
  • Always wash your hands after changing.

The tips above are but a few tips to practice personal hygiene but they are definitely the most important.

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  1. Kathrin says

    This has to be the most insulting, patronizing, superficial, and redundant article I have ever had the displeasure to read on women’s health. Do you really think that any adult woman doesn`t already know all this? This is 2018, not the Dark Ages.

    1. Asmau Mohammed
      Asmau Mohammed says

      you may have life ‘all figured out’, but some women are still in the dark on some health tips, some need a reminder, and some know these things, but do not think it important and need to be informed. you probably have not stayed in a female hostel before, but I have, and I know some people struggle with these things. you cant speak for everyone. so if you think its ok to discourage knowledge, then YOU ARE in the dark ages, cause that is backward. have a nice day

  2. Kathrin says

    I do not discourage knowledge at all. Part of my point is that there are more reliable, in depth sources to find it. It is not my intent to hurt your feelings, but that is just a fact. I find it patronizing to tell others how to deal with their hair or nails. Some wash hair daily, some don`t, some keep their hair/nails short, others don`t. Much of it is due to cultural differences, and I think it is not our place to feel one way or another about it. Most people I know shower at least daily, and personally I think it`s the way to go, but don`t you think it is cruel to lecture people who may not have that luxury? And if they do have the recources and don`t care; that is their business too. Also, if this article had to be written at all; why is it only directed at women?

  3. Asmau Mohammed
    Asmau Mohammed says

    I cant find anywhere in this post I asked people to drop their beliefs due to beauty. cases in point: I never dictated that you keep your hair or that you cut your nails, most of the hair tips go both ways, and I remember saying.’unless you plan on keeping your nails’, giving an otion for nail growth or nah. and this post was in no way intended to hurt anyone or rub anything in anyones face but you need to understand that all post in all of this world will always, in one way, offend, criticize or belittle some people. there will always be an article we cant all relate to or afford to relate to or even care to relate to. its just the way this world works. its not fair but its how it is, and if all writers mince their words and knowledge to avoid hurting someone, we’d all be mute. trust that I am a die hard feminist and I know and will tell you that not everything is intended to be sexist. this post is directed at women because some tips here do not apply to men, unless of course you know a man wearing pads and tampons, in which case please enlighten me cause that would be something to write about. there are so many posts out there directed to the male audience alone because that’s what those posts are for.

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