How to Find the Perfect Eyelash Curler


You probably have no idea that, the eye curler of your choice determines the appearance of your eyelashes. An eye curler is an essential beauty tool that is beyond its metallic and intimidating look. Here are a few makeup ideas and tips to help you find the perfect eyelash curler that brings out the beauty of your eyelashes.

Eyelash Curler

1. Ignore Rumors
There is a popular rumor making rounds that, eyelash curlers will rip all your eyelashes out. This is not true, and you should not buy it. However, it is true and normal to lose a few eyelashes here and there as a result of regular curling. Nevertheless, this should not hinder you from curling your lashes to look beautiful. Consider looking for a curler that does not pull or pinch when using. If your curler does pull or pinch when curling your eyelashes, it is not the perfect curler for your eyelashes. Regular pinching or pulling during curling may lead to eyelash loss or your eyelashes might stop growing completely.

2. Know the Needs of your Eyelashes
It is wise to bear in mind that, everyone has their unique type of eyelashes and for this reason; you should know your eyelash type. Your friend’s curler might not work out for you. Also, a curler meant for small eyelids may not work out perfectly for longer eyelids. Put into consideration the length of your lashes as well as the shape of your eyes when choosing a perfect curler for your eyelashes. Make sure you pick curlers with long clamps that are able to curve along the lines of your lashes. This serves to make sure that there is no any missed curl.

3. Short Eyelashes Need Curls as Well
Do not feel left out if you have short lashes. They too love curls and it’s wise you find the perfect curler for them. Consider looking for a curler that is less curved if you have short lashes. Flatter clamps are much easy to get near the lash lines without the need to move your curler through odd angles. This can be stressful to your small eyelashes. Go for point curlers that are flat and specially designed for curling hard to reach and small inner eyelashes. Your small eyelashes will receive the beautiful touch they deserve making you look beautiful.

4. Consider Heated Curlers
If you are passionate about eyelash curling, consider electric curlers. They are a perfect option for high power curves that last for days. They have a more clunky design compared to the normal metal curlers you know. Although the thought of placing a hot substance near your eyes can be a bit unsettling, the results are worth it. In addition, most electric curlers do not heat to the point of burning you and the amount of heat cannot damage your beautiful eyelashes either. Get an electric curler to achieve longer lasting eyelash curves.

5. Warm Your Regular Curler
Beauty experts will tell you that, warming the regular metal curler before using works magic. Consider warming your lash curler using a hair dryer for some seconds every time you want to curl your lashes. This transforms it to an electric curler giving you longer lasting curves.

6. The Simpler the Better
Although there are numerous high tech and fancy curlers, sometimes going for the simplest is the best makeup choice you will ever make. Simple curlers are easier to find and easier to use as well. Do not complicate your makeup ideas by purchasing lash curlers you have never used before.


Take time to look for a perfect eyelash curler that works for you. Eyelash curlers pinch if the shape of your eyes does not match theirs. If you have flatter eyes, avoid rounded curlers. Good curlers move fluidly without wobbly, creaky or loose joints.

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