Is the Paleo Diet Plan Really Beneficial?

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I am a fit person. However, if you had seen me a couple of years ago you would not believe that. I was fat, period. I had a bulging tummy, my arms were bulging, and you could not find my neck even if you searched for it. The trigger to become fit happened when I had to go to the doctor and the nurse could not find a pulse because I was so fat. The layers of fat on my hand made it impossible for them to locate the radial artery. I immediately resolved then and there that I had to get fit and I would do whatever it takes to achieve it and thus started my fitness journey.

Paleo Diet Plan

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I started going to the gym and I was introduced to strength and cardio training. I did this diligently for a month and I saw some just rewards. But after a few months of doing the same boring exercises I found that I was not getting any better. I was maybe fitter than earlier but there were no visible changes to feel good about. I had a talk with my trainer and he advised me that I should exercise but I should also change my diet. He gave me a diet plan and I started adhering to it. But after a few weeks the plan was in the dustbin and I was in the kitchen gorging on the same foods that I had been told not to indulge in.

It was during this phase when I was on the verge of dropping out that my friend suggested the Paleo diet plan. If you are into dieting then you would surely know about the famous diet plan but if you are new to dieting then let me tell you about it. Paleo diet is a diet plan that asks you to eat food that our early ancestors ate. Palaeolithic age – Paleo diet – get the connection! The makers of the diet plan believe that what our ancestors ate should be good for us too. Hence the diet asks us to eat foods that are rich in protein, vegetables and fruits. Grains and dairy products are avoided. This diet has been helpful for people who want to lose weight and it did for me too. The best part is that there was no restriction, I could eat to my heart’s content and the food that I ate was healthier too.

The Paleo diet advises you to eat a lot of protein. Protein is essential for our body and for developing muscles too, hence eating food that are protein rich is recommended. If you eat a lot of grains then you can make the transition to protein rich food slowly because the body needs to time to make the change. Fruits are recommended daily and the diet advises you to eat at least 3 cups of fruits every single day. Similarly with vegetables, you need to eat at least 3 cups of vegetables. Along with this drink lots of water.

I made the change to Paleo diet successfully and I am lighter, sprightly and agile. The nurse can easily find my pulse now as I have shed a lot of weight. All I can say it is very beneficial and it is not just a diet plan but a lifestyle change.

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