Nutrition and Fitness in Controlling Diabetes

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Maintaining a healthy body weight is very much essential to keep most of the ailments away. We end up catching diseases either because of the bad food habits we follow or because of some variation in the rhythm our body has. Diabetes patients have to regularly monitor the level of glucose in blood. This is not a precarious condition, but it occurs mainly because of uncontrolled eating habits and also because of the lack of physical exercise. Even with diabetes one can live a long and active life. It is highly essential to know the tactics of living with diabetes.

Diabetes Study

Diabetes is a controllable but incurable medical condition. It can lead to heart disease, stroke, blindness, renal failure and even death if it is not managed well. Prolonged diabetes causes cataract of the eyes which can eventually lead to blindness. Diabetes affects the normal functioning of kidneys. Severe diabetes even damages kidneys completely and then the patient has to undergo dialysis to purify blood. Another grave danger associated with diabetes is gangrene. Wounds do not heal fast in a diabetic’s body and if they go deep the only way out is amputation which is the surgical removal of the affected part. One has to know more about diabetes to be able to know the mechanisms to control it. Nutrition plays a major role in managing diabetes. A diabetic has to eat at regular intervals. The food he or she eats should be containing less carbohydrate and more dietary fiber. Diabetes patients should not keep starving, they should not eat in large quantities either. They need to eat fresh vegetables and grains which give them energy, but do not raise their blood sugar level.

Diabetics run a greater risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol. They need to constantly keep an eye on their food intake. A check has to be put on the amount of oil and salt they consume. Higher levels of cholesterol induce heart disease, clots in veins, stroke and even heart attack. Sticking to healthy food habits, maintaining normal level of cholesterol and blood pressure will put the diabetics at ease. Patients of diabetes feel it torturous that they cannot eat a lot, they are not supposed to keep starving either. But there is no other way than living with it once diabetes is confirmed.

Living with diabetes does not mean living in deprivation. Some small changes in lifestyle can bring about great changes in life. One can make a big difference with some healthy changes in lifestyle. The most important thing one can do is to lose weight. One does not, at the same time, have to lose all those extra pounds. A popular, prevailing opinion says losing 5% – 10% of one’s total weight is good enough to lower the blood sugar level considerably. It will also help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Our body requires a particular amount of glucose for the normal functioning of all our systems. Diabetics need not give up all the food items which are sweet.  They need to know their limits. They should eat protein-rich food which gives them energy. They need to balance their food, they can very well consume carbohydrates keeping an eye on the quantity of it.

Physical exercise in combination with a healthy diet is the best possible way to deal with diabetes. Exercise burns calories by which body weight can be controlled. By regular exercise body responds well to insulin and blood glucose can be effectively managed. Physical exercise increases blood circulation in our limbs which are the problematic area for diabetics. Levels of cholesterol and blood pressure also come down by physical exercise. Once cholesterol and blood pressure levels are in control, the risks of heart diseases, strokes etc. are also automatically reduced. Exercise can help reduce stress. Higher stress level means high level of blood glucose. Regular physical exercise along with a healthy diet can even help control type 2 diabetes which generally occurs in young, obese children and expectant mothers. There were instances of type 2 diabetics stopping their medications because their diabetes could so well be managed with exercise and diet.

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  1. Julia Kate says

    Proper diet is required to control the problem of diabetes. There are various home remedies available to reduce the problem of diabetes.

  2. Julius says

    diabetes kills faster than AIDS thanks for this article

  3. Clare S. says

    This is so true. My mom has Type II diabetes which runs in her family. It’s really important to watch nutrition and exercise to make sure the blood sugar level stays level throughout the day. Exercise made such a big difference for mom as it allowed her to take a much lower dose of metformin.

  4. Dr. Vishal Joshi says

    Ginger Powder Before Meal everyday can drop down diabetes to normal.

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