The Nature of Modern Day Relationships


Let’s face it, relationships in modern times are more unstable and very different than they were in the past. There are a lot reasons why relationships are different than what they were before. This article will explore the nature of relationships in contemporary times and how people can make the most of them.

The Nature of Modern Relationships

Modern Relationships

When it comes to relationships, the culture helps to establish how they are going to be defined. In the past, the cultural expectation was for people to court without having sex and to get married after being together for some time. In many cases people were being set up for an arranged marriage.

Currently, cultural expectations regarding relationships have changed from the past. People today are expected to be in a relationship for the sake of family and love; but many of them are keeping their options open for the better thing. Many people want asymmetric commitment which simply means they want the convenience of a relationship without being fully vested in it.

The culture supports this type of mindset. Why? The fact is that a lot of people today just want to have the convenience of being involved without the commitment, responsibility or sacrifice that comes with being someone’s partner. In other words, people want their cake and they want to eat it too.

The best thing that a person can do to avoid this type of situation is to be upfront about what they want from a relationship and from their partner. People should make their expectations for commitment known and should not get involved with anyone that does not agree.

Sexuality and Relationships

Sexuality also plays a huge role in relationships. Sex is a very important part of any relationship that involves a couple. The sexual norms for today are more open than at any other time in the past. Heterosexuality, homosexuality and bi-sexuality is just the tip of the iceberg. People are into various different types of sexual activity.

Some men like to be with only men while some women want both guys and girls. The point is that these sexual preferences also show up in relationships. Many people who are involved within relationships want to experience threesomes, partner swapping and group orgies.

While a lot of couples wan the one on one exclusivity; many more couples do not mind having other people sexually involved within their union. Sexuality is a very complex and touchy thing. If people truly want a sexually exclusive relationship they should say so at the beginning of their union. They should also be ready to make that type of commitment for their partner.

Exclusivity and Relationships

Many relationships are now more open than before. This is because of social media, reality shows and how people view their unions. People also make it a point to get involve others within their personal lives and situations.

Exclusivity and keeping things private is matter of choice for a couple. However, if a couple wants to remain strong and committed they should very cautious and wise about who they are informing about their private lives.

Relationships in modern times are also defined by economics. More people are finding a way to stay together even if they do not have the traditional means of supporting themselves. Many couples work which is a good thing. However, a lot of people are doing all sort of things such as working under the table or collecting government benefits to help ends meet.

While people might not agree with these methods of gaining income they are a fact of life for many people. Ultimately, modern day relationships can work as long as people are being open and upfront about their expectations and what they want from their union.

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