Natural ways to Lose Weight and feel Younger


Losing weight has been the high concern for youths as well as women these days. A gain by grams causes enough paranoia to give oneself a chronic heart attack. The blame mostly goes to the new age lifestyle these days but majority still lies in the indiscipline of individuals. People try different methods to get a hold on their weight but fails miserably either due to lack of time or lack of motivation. And despite this they still drool over losing weight by some miracle.

Lose Weight

Well, good news is that you don’t need to invest on gyms or any equipment’s anymore if you have enough discipline left in you to accomplish your goal of losing weight. Obesity was a rare phenomenon in past days, not because people were into unhealthy eating habits but because they maintained a disciplined diet. You can lose weight naturally if you honestly follow these simple steps:

Eating Habits

People are more inclined to junk foods these days, not because they are palatable to our taste buds but their easy availability over short time. And invasion made by KFC, McDonald etc. are not helping either. There are several other foods that create that collateral damage but the worst food ever that makes enough damage than any assault weapon is French fries and soda. The highly refined simple sugars and trans-fat make a slow seasonal slaughtering to your physical conditions. Any categories of chips, cakes etc. would pretext to this category only.

Now consuming calories can be classified into three categories fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Before taking a blind step, one must be aware of what their body needs most. Since, we are referring to losing weight mostly then one need to get rid of the fats. A body naturally have two options with the food you consume, either it converts it into energy or store them as a fat. If one avoids eating foods that are not soaked with too much oil then he/she can avoid the accumulation of that extra fat in the body.

What you should eat to lose weight naturally?

There are infinite numbers of foods available that can fit your regime to lose unwanted weight from your bodies. The best choices for you would be chicken, Goji berry and Jicama.

Chicken are the best source to curb your hunger as well provide you enough calories to go by your day. A 4 pound chicken supplies about 35 grams of protein to your body plus anti-cancer nutrients and selenium. You can have delicacies of your own choice provide you don’t use much oil.

Next comes Goji berry, quite popular in Indonesia, is raisins like fruit but unlike others, it is loaded with huge quantity of Anti-Oxidants. Just take a handful and soak them in water for few minutes and then you are ready to eat.

Now if you want to lose weight then you must consume foods that are rich in fibre and water, which brings us to our final choice, Jicama fruit. Mostly found in South America this fruit could be right choice, if you are looking forward to losing weight quickly. Try them with lime juice and a pinch of pepper.

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  1. Erwin says

    I agree with you that maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. I know that it’s not an easy thing especially in the era of fast food as now.

  2. Len says

    Nice post, some interesting idea’s here on how to lose weight naturally, i agree that the consumption of fast food these days is very worrying, is it just laziness or people are getting sucked into the taste of fast food. What ever happened to good old cooking a good bit of meat and some veggies. Nothing like the taste of a nice banana. I had Goji Berries years ago, but didn’t know you had to soak them, lol, you learn something every day.

  3. Ajay Sharma says

    Hi Jagannath
    I liked you tips very much. You correctly pointed out that after the invasion of fast food restaurant, our eating habit has significantly changed. This has lot affected weight.
    But changing our lifestyle and food habits we can lose as well as can control it.

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