Natural ways to Improve your Mental Wellbeing


Have you ever thought to yourself how you could improve your state of mind from one of negativity to one where you feel positive and empowered? You want to be the best person that you can be and not feel judged otherwise. Mental wellness is a serious concern in Australia and abroad. The issue has come to the forefront more following the suicide of Robin Williams. Recently, the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story on former Olympic Medallist Leisel Jones, claiming that she has been battling depression since her success after the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. We are painted a picture where we should operate in a perfect world. Instead, we are in a world where each individual person is fighting his or her own battles. Over 20 million Australians are fighting the quest within themselves to maintain a positive state of mind. Below are a few ways we recommend improving your wellbeing.

Beat your internal battles with anxiety!

Anxiety and Depression

Each of us deals with a different level of anxiety. If we don’t know how to manage it, it can paralyze us and destroy our lives. Most of the time, anxiety comes in the form of our inner selves criticizing our future or past actions. Should it get to the point where it is impacting our future actions, you won’t be able to take any future actions at all. Let go of your expected outcome and be open to a variety of unexpected outcomes. Instead of going into conflict with the outcome, embrace it. Why limit the outcome to one possibility when there are so many other opportunities that could arise from it.

Furthermore, if things don’t work out, it is really important to let it go. People have justified inflicting self-harm upon themselves based on an outcome that didn’t go as expected. The outcome may have been embarrassing, shameful, and awkward or it may have raised another type of feeling. Regardless of what feelings it evoked, it is important to let go of that moment that happened at that present moment. It’s more than likely that the only person who would remember that moment is you. So empower yourself by pushing forward rather than being stuck in the past.

To succeed with overcoming your anxiety, you will be aiming to have your audience hang onto your word and every action in awe, rather than you seeking approval from them. The way you will achieve this is by improving your boldness, confidence and charisma. By having the confidence to say nothing and reveal information based on your own timings is what will allow you to transcend anxiety and achieve a newfound confidence. You can view the video below to learn how to use this.

Improve the aesthetics of your environment to be positive:

The environment that you are in and that you create will either enhance or negatively impact your mood and outset. It is important that you surround yourself in a positive environment to maintain an optimistic approach to life.

Embrace the sunshine:

In a study conducted by Joseph Forgas, he speaks about the impact of the weather on people’s moods; which further affected their memory, mental sharpness and social cognition. There is the choice to move to a place where there is more sunshine (Northern Australian states such as Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory would be ideal options.) Or people can aim to bring more sunlight and brightness into their homes. Larger windows, skylights and solar tubes are some of the options available to let more natural light into the rooms. Improving the interior design to use more mirrors and glass object to add a ‘bling’ effect can really improve the positive aesthetics of the room and home. More information on the benefits of Skylights can be seen here.

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