How Moms Can Reduce Their Risk of Breast Cancer


For many, breast cancer is one of the most feared illnesses a woman can get. Many are more afraid of the breast cancer than even the heart disease. While fewer women are diagnosed with this cancer, just a few succumb to it. We need to understand that cancer is not inevitable. Women also need to know that they have more control over the occurrence of the disease.

breast cancer

They also need to understand that their lifestyle and diet affects their susceptibility to breast cancer. For this reason, prevention is always better than cure. We also need to understand that the genetic switches in our body that cause breast cancer can be turned on or off by the use of carcinogenic chemicals. The risk of contracting breast cancer can be reduced significantly by the change in the lifestyle.

Your risk profile can be improved through your awareness about the genetic history of your breasts. While you are a woman, you are at a risk of contracting breast cancer. However, you can change the chances of developing this condition. Here is what you should do.

  1. Get moving

Regular exercises can prevent breast cancer. First of all, your body weight is controlled by this action. The American Medical Society says that women who gained more than 30 pounds after the age of 18 are 40 percent more likely to contract this disease than those who gained less. Estrogen is the hormone in females that stimulates the development of body cells. It also plays a significant role in the production of breast cancer cells. Before you attain menopause, women use their ovaries to produce this hormone. When the hormone is stopped in production by the ovaries, fat tissues start drafting this hormone.

  1. Know your family cancer history

More than 10 percent of cancer is passed on to the following generations. You can look at your father’s and mother’s history for detailed results. Some cancerous genes are also carried by the men as much as they are by women. For women, these genes contribute to ovarian cancer. For you to get a clue of heredity, consider looking at both sides of your parents. You can also assess the risk by looking at the medical history of your first-degree relatives. You can also contact a genetic expert if your family health is worrying you.

  1. Find out your body weight

The best way to determine your susceptibility to the disease is to identify the density of your breasts. Cancer will get it hard to grow if you have more tissue in your breasts than the fats. While fat looks dark, breast and tumor tissue show up in white colors. Your risk of contracting this disease is six times higher if your breasts contain too much fat.

  1. Minimize screening tests and radiation exposure

This sounds ironic. Mammograms are used to detect the development of breast cancer. However, the use of high radiation to detect cancer poses a major risk to the development of breast cancer. It does not mean that you should never attend your mammogram appointments. They will never be an issue if you follow the general guidelines because they deliver small amounts of radiation. The same applies to the annual dental X-rays. You can also contact experts for breast cancer prognostics.

  1. Consider breastfeeding

You will have a 10 percent reduced risk of contracting breast cancer if you regularly breastfeed. The main reason is that women do not menstruate while breastfeeding. This lowers the amount of estrogen in the blood.
Finally, ensure your health is always in good condition. While you can focus on reducing breast cancer occurrence in your body, it is also important to have a healthy lifestyle.

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