Mental and Physical Preparations before Your Breast Augmentation Surgery


Usually when people decide to go under the knife, they prepare for all the things pre-surgery. What slips their mind in the preparation process is that post-surgery preparation is equally important. You can also consult with experts of breast augmentation. To help you with the post-surgery planning; here are some tips that could come in handy:

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  1. Make your home space as comfortable as possible:

A serene, relaxing, soothing and low stress ambiance will support the recovery process and will help you in healing. Make sure your laundry is taken care of before you go for the surgery and help is arranged for post op laundry. Since you won’t be able to lift your arms above your head after the surgery, make sure the daily routine usage items such as breakfast cereals are shifted from high up places to lower heights.

  1. Introduce your closet to “easy off” clothes:

When you wake up from surgery, you will find yourself in bandages. Of course in such a condition you won’t be in a position to pull a shirt over your head. This tip will come in handy both before and after the procedure. When you show up for the procedure at the surgical suite, make sure you are wearing something that has buttons or a zip at the front so that it is easy for you to take off and put on a shirt. Post-surgery you can expect diving on to your bed and sleeping instantly, so wear something that you would want to sleep in.

  1. Set a Post-Surgery Recovery Station:

Surgery, no matter what kind, is exhausting. You won’t be in a position to run around whenever you need something. This doesn’t mean that you buy everything from the drugstore and stock it but in fact designate a table for that. Set up your bedside table with the things you may need so that you don’t have to depend on anyone. The basic items may include baby wipes, bottled water, lip balm, tissues etc. Keep your TV remote at arm’s length as well as your phone and charger in case you need something you don’t have by your side.

  1. Soothe your skin with Cocoa Butter:

Stock some cocoa butter for the day when you get the go ahead to shower, which is probably the day following the surgery day. Accompany the cocoa butter with anti-bacterial soap and a soft wash-cloth. Usually experts recommend applying cocoa butter lotion to the body after showering. This will help overcome the tight and swollen post-surgery skin, which will eventually become dry and flaky if not accounted for. This moisturized, fresh smelling skin will also help in taking your mind off the post-surgery swelling and bruising.

  1. Plump a lot of pillows:

In order to reduce the post-op bruising and swelling, experts recommend that the patient who has undergone the surgery should keep themselves upright, at a forty-five degree angle. This should continue to stay in this position for at least three days after the surgery. A wedge-type pillow will come in handy so reach the desired angle. While placing pillows, don’t forget to stuff your sides so that you don’t damage the breasts by rolling over.

  1. Familiarize yourself with your first bra:

As much as you want to put that Victoria Secret lingerie on, you will have to hold on to those horses for a couple of months. Your medical diagnostic will probably provide you with a post-surgery bra that will make you feel comfortable as the soft bra will make breathing easy for you. The zipper at the front will also make it easy for you to remove. You will have to wear this bra for a couple of first weeks and then moving a step further, you will be able to wear under wire free sports bra, which we recommend, should have a zipper at the front. Once you have met the defined three to six month period mark, you will be free to go on a bra shopping spree and strap on your favorite bras.

Breast surgeon Dr. Crispin can shed some light on the subject matter or you can visit Crispin plastic surgery for more information.

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