Losing Weight without Losing your Appetite


Looking charming and in shape is the dream of everyone, and while it’s very possible to look like your ‘DREAM SELF’ , losing weight the wrong way can be both harmful to the body and may even result in the exact opposite, which is weight gain. In this article I am going to share with you some tips on how to lose those extra fats without starving yourself to a critical health point.

Celebrity Weight Loss

Most people have a phobia for carbohydrates (carbs), and will do everything to avoid them. Some even avoid starchy fruits and some vegetables, with the wrong belief that ONLY carbohydrates can make someone fat. But this does not have to be so; there is a new way out. Bad carbs are what you should rather avoid.

The KEY to maintaining that thin lifestyle is to ‘’Eat healthy and rightly’’.

We have all heard the myth that says to lose weight eat less, some even recommend something as absurd as eating once day! This is a bad advice.

Here is a very simple illustration on how why some people might eat less and still retain some fat.

Let’s assume you eat some bread or potato for breakfast, when it is processed in the body, some are utilized while the extra are stored away in some fatty cells. Over time, this stored food extra result in some gain in weight.

Suppose you start to eat fewer carbohydrates, the body will utilize those extras and you will notice an initial weight loss. As you continue to eat less and less, you put your body in a panic mode, this is because there is less carbohydrates to use for energy, so what the body does is that the next time you eat, even if its small, it will grab as much carbohydrates as it can and begin to store them away into those fatty cells, you will be in a constant hungry or even starving mode.

So how do you eat healthy and still loss weight?

Eat only good carbohydrate (carbs)

A lot of persons find it hard to distinguish good carbs from bad carbs, and this is really important if you want to eat and yet stay slim. Firstly, carbohydrates that are high in fibres are the best. One of the reasons is because they release glucose slowly and therefore help to prevent glucose from building up in fatty cells. Here are some examples.

Good carbohydrateBad  carbohydrates
VegetablesSweets and candies
Non starchy fruitsWhite bread
Whole grain breadsprocessed rice
PotatoesProcessed corn
Whole grain pastaWhite pasta
Brown riceWhite rice
Whole grain cerealsMuffins

This list should give you an idea about the types of carbs to eat and those to avoid. Generally stay far away from junks and “fast foods”. Avoid bananas, mangos and cherries; they are pretty high in sugar.

Watch Your Calories

Like the excess carbs I mentioned above, the body requires a certain amount of calories daily. The average is different for each individual. People who live busy lifestyles will require higher calories. Remember that 3,500 calories average 0.5kg, so to shed some weights you need to eat less high calories. So, instead of starving, you just need to eat food with low calories. Here are some good examples.

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage and cabbage salad
  • Lettuce
  • Apples
  • Whole wheat spaghetti
  • Raw carrots

These are just a few examples. You must however avoid canned and processed food as much as you can. The fresher and more natural the foods and fruits are, the healthier and better.

Regularly burn some extra fats

This is important too. Now that you eating “good carbs” which are also low in calories, what you need to do now is burn any extra. This does not require some back-breaking, energy-sapping vigorous exercises. Infact, I would rather advice you do some home based, simple exercises that are fun to do and easily sustained.

Infact, climbing the staircases instead of the lift, parking far from work and trekking the remaining, taking some walk for fun, are some of the simplest but highly effective methods.

Losing weight without compromising your health is simpler than what most people think. It is important that the two are achieved together. With the three (3) tips above, you can begin to lose some of those weights without losing your appetite. Remember that the key is to ‘’Eat healthy and rightly’’.

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  1. Robin says

    Simple and effective. Make sure have enough water to curb cravings. Having adequate and quality sleep also helps a lot in weight loss and overall health.

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