When Is Losing Weight More Than Just Looking Good?


Burning that excess pound isn’t just a routine that people should follow it is an overall lifestyle change. This is why most people find it hard to keep up with their weight loss journey. According to statistics, 95% of diet fail and this is not so surprising. Weight loss is a commitment and you have to be in control with your day to day activities to stay on track. It may be difficult at first but when you are guided by your goal, it could be a lot easier.

Losing Weight

Shedding extra pounds of weight makes us look better. But aside from looking better, losing weight has several other benefits which are more rewarding than just having a pleasing appearance. Looking fab isn’t always the reason why people lose weight. Along with looking fabulous, people enjoy other more significant effects of shedding pounds in their lives.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should lose weight now and trust me — it is not about looking good.

When It’s More About Gaining Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem contributes to weight gain and weight gain can contribute low self-esteem. It is a two-way street. People with low confidence in themselves tend to overeat. This is our defense mechanism which as a result can add up extra pounds to our body. And when we gain weight, we become more and more ashamed of ourselves.

The journey of losing weight will help us regain the self-confidence that has long been lost. Every time, we lose weight, every time we see the scale going down when tracking our progress make us feel proud of ourselves. Weight loss goals are our achievements and when we have achieved them, we feel good about ourselves. Thus, we changed how we see ourselves — we start to believe in ourselves and in what we capable of doing.

And at the end of the day, it is no longer about the scale anymore; it is about the self-fulfillment we may feel every time we achieve our fitness goals.

When It’s About Getting Healthy

Gaining weight too fast and too much is a sign of an unhealthy body. As we grow old our body’s metabolic function slows down because our body isn’t producing enough growth hormone as before. This is why we gain excess fats fast as we grow old. Unhealthy weight gain can pose some health risk in our body. We can be prone to diseases like diabetes, arthritis and hypertension.

Losing weight the right way can lead us to the healthy path when we grow older. Take some time to exercise. When you workout, focus on fat burning exercises that suit your body. When you lose weight to be healthy, you are guided by the right principles of proper weightless. You exercise, eat and do activities according to what your body needs, thus, you become healthier and more alive than ever.

When It More About Being Happy

On its scientific aspects, when we exercise to lose weight, our body naturally produces chemicals called endorphins and serotonin. These are hormones known as the “happy hormones”. It gives us the feeling of euphoria when we workout and it also gives us a good perception and positive outlook in life.

Moreover, losing weight the right way changes our perception of things. Achieving our fitness goals will make us a happier person — But, only if we choose the right way of losing weight. If you ever heard a person who is unhappy after losing weight, it is perhaps because that person too focused on losing weight alone that he felt overwhelmed. Thus, he felt more miserable and ended up gaining the weight he lost.

When losing weight, let us focus more on how it can positively affect our lives. Let us not be too fixated on the numbers. The way we look is superficial. What matters most are the long-term positive changes it can bring to our lives.

Last Words

It is never easy to lose weight. Even the experts, at some point, have faced some difficulties along their weight loss journey. But if there one thing that keeps them motivated to continue their journey, it is the reasons that are worth doing it.

Weight loss is not about vanity. For many people, weight loss is more about improving their way of living. This is why some people can keep up with their journey while others cannot. So let me ask you, why do you want to lose weight?

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