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Lose Weight in 11 Easy Steps

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Losing weight is a popular topic nowadays, especially among young adults. Almost everyone is looking for a flawless diet plan that will help them resolve their weight related problems. You might have tried extreme diets and exercises or may have even undergone surgery, just to lose the right amount of weight. Luckily for you, there are lots of simple tricks and tips for losing weight that you can practice in your everyday routine and ensure that you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Lose Baby Weight

  1. Reduce your plate size:

By using a plate that is smaller in size than the one you use currently, you will automatically feel that you are eating less. Professor Brian Wansink of Cornell University revealed that people tend to take more food in their plates than the much they want to eat, which is why they eat more when they use larger plates. Just a change of two inches in your plate will make a noteworthy difference in your calorie intake by making you eat at least 100-200 fewer calories on a daily basis. In other words, you will lose around 10-20 pounds every year.

  1. Sleep for longer hours:

If you switch sleep with some useless activities that usually involve unhealthy food snacks, and consumption of avoidable calories, like watching TV late night, you are unconsciously gaining weight, as believed by researchers at the University of Michigan. Breaking this habit will help you reduce caloric intake by 6% and you will also lose around 13 pounds per year, without having to put in any extra effort.

  1. Extra vegetables, fewer pounds:

Instead of just one, you should have at least three types of vegetables for dinner and, just by doing that, you will eat more of healthy food that is richer in nutrients and low in calories. A greater intake of fruits and vegetables is a good and tasty way to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables also have lots of dietary fiber and water, so you will feel satiety in no time. Be sure to cook vegetables without any oil, only in water, and season it with lemon juice and herbs, as an alternative for fat and calorie sauces.

  1. Eat plant foods:

Many studies have shown that vegetarians are up to 20% thinner than people who eat meat. The main reason for this difference  are legumes, which are found in beans, soy, lentils and other foods that have great amounts of protein and dietary fiber in them, saturate faster and contain fewer calories as compared to meat. This is why you should definitely add plant foods to your everyday diet.

  1. Take breaks while eating:

One important thing you should do while eating is paying attention to the natural pause throughout the meal. In reality, most people take a few minutes break during meals. This is the moment when your body is letting you know that it is full, but not entirely overloaded. Many people tend to miss this moment, but you should be aware of this signal that your body gives you and try not to continue eating. Try putting away the plate and enjoying the conversation with your friends or some other activities.

  1. Do not eat in a hurry:

You should Lay down your eating time for example by setting your clock at 20 minutes and slowly enjoy every bite that you take. This is one of the easiest ways to eat less and lose weight. You should eat in a comfortable atmosphere and chew all your bites well. In this way, you will enjoy even the smaller portions. However if you eat in a hurry, you will block the natural signs that your body sends your way.

  1. Have soup more often:

What a lot of people do not know is why soup or chowder is the perfect to start a meal. This is because it slows you down during your meals and controls your appetite. Vegetable soup is a better choice than creamy soups that may have too much fat and calories.

  1. Drink lots of water:

Always know that water is a vital ingredient for proper cell and organ functioning of your body. It also helps you in the process of losing weight. If you wish to lose weight effectively, you must reduce your daily calorie intake. One of the many ways to consume smaller amounts of calories is to drink a full glass of water before every meal or snack. This will makes you feel full quickly which will make you eat less. In addition, if you drink water half an hour before a meal, it will speed up your digestion.

  1. Green smoothies:

These are magical combinations of fruits and vegetables. These ingredients refresh your body, remove toxins and provide your body with a boost of healthy energy. Daily consumption of these healthy drinks will greatly contribute to your goal of losing weight. You can try vegetables like kale, spinach, cabbage and parsley and when it comes to fruits, there is not really any bad choice, but the most common ones are green apples, bananas and strawberries. Green smoothies stimulate weight loss because fruits and vegetables are filled of high-quality water, vegetable fibers and vitamins.

  1. Apple cider vinegar:

To control your blood sugars levels and suppress your appetite, you should have Apple Cider Vinegar. A study showed that respondents who had a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with one glass of water before a meal had lower blood glucose levels as compared to respondents who did not consume this solution.

  1. Green tea:

Latest studies have shown that green tea consumption helps your body release fat and burn calories. Catechins, that are present in green tea, are responsible for these body reactions and also reduce inflammatory processes and body fat stocks. According to the researchers at University of Maryland Medical Center, you should drink at least two to three cups of green tea in a day.

Always remember that weight loss does not have to be problematic or expensive. All you need to do is set realistic goals; try out the most fitting and suitable methods and then stick to them. If you really want to lose weight permanently, you should follow these nutritional changes by appropriate physical activities too.

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  4. Stan Burnett says

    Maybe not all are serious about weight lose but all of us really wanted to have a healthy life. However, if we are planning to lose weight, we are on our way to a healthy life as well. These tips are indeed helpful and very easy to follow, especially if we are determined to pursue healthy living.

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