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Live the Life You Want to Be: Beating Hearing Problems the Modern Way

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Hearing problems are a thing of the past. This condition is not anymore a hindrance for people to find work, pursue their interests and aspirations in life. With the introduction of hearing aids in the global market, people with hearing loss and similar problems have learned to function like other normal human beings around them. Hearing aids is described as small electronic or electroacoustic devices that one wears behind the ears. Its purpose is to magnify or amplify sound vibrations entering the ear, thus enabling the person with hearing impediment to make out sound patterns.

Hearing Loss

New Hearing Aid Products in the Market Today

One of the leading companies providing hearing loss solutions is Siemens. It dates its beginnings to as far back as 1879, when the Founder Werner von Siemens invented the first hearing instrument in the same year for his wife who cannot use the telephone because of hearing impediments (see Corporate Backgrounder of Siemens).
Today, Siemens hearing aid product lines have increased to include the XCEL collection. With its banner sales statement: “Every fourth hearing aid purchased worldwide is a Siemens hearing instrument,” the company has asserted its leadership in the industry. The latest XCEL product line includes such models or proto-types of hearing aids with names like Eclipse XCEL, Pure EXCEL, Pure XCEL Carat, Motion XCEL SX and Motion XCEL P. To achieve its mission, Siemens links with university research institutes and hospitals to advance the technology and its application.

The first thing to come to terms with is the cause of the hearing loss. The problem could be congenital or acquired in later years. It could be a partial or total loss. For each diagnosis, there is a corresponding option or solution. Although in severe cases, cochlear implants are recommended; for milder cases, hearing aids can still provide solutions.  Capitalizing on the breakthroughs in technology, Siemens hearing aids aptly promotes the “Life Sounds Brilliant” campaign of Siemens as it continues to serve humanity with hearing problem solutions. Using the so called Best Sound Technology, the company endeavors to create products that make speech sounds clearer even in noisy environments, and mimic the natural sound quality. The Best Sound Technology offers three qualities and features:

1. The Feedback Stopper – this is the ability of the hearing aids to prevent embarrassing whistling sounds that irritates

2. Speech Focus technology – this makes speech sound clearer even in the noisiest setting or environment

3. Sound Learning hearing aids – which can enable the wearer to adjust his listening preferences in various surroundings, thus more personalized.

A Brighter and Clearer Future Ahead

With these new technologies adopted by companies like Siemens, people with hearing loss issues are guaranteed to live fuller lives and adopt a clearer outlook of the future. Siemens hearing aid is also continuing to improve, evolve and invent new models that can further enhance the hearing sensation of people with hearing disability. This could also mean their ability to experience the wonderful sensation of good music and natural sounds like waterfalls, songs of birds and even the whisper of wind on the trees. Such would be a feat worth more than a Nobel Prize to a company that has helped millions of lives already.

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